Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rail Trip and Northwest Vacation, Part 2

Part 2 of our Rail Trip and Northwest adventure began with a three hour early morning ferry ride from Seattle to Victoria, British Columbia.  Coffee, yogurt, granola, and muffins never tasted so good when I finally realized I wasn't going to be a motion sickness victim.

The Olympic Mountains taken from the back of the ferry.

In front of Inn at Laurel Point where we stayed.

See that backpack?  That's my version of roughing it.  It was easy to pack a change of clothes and all the necessities for just one night and leave the rest of the luggage at the hotel in Seattle.  Just one problem....they cancelled the ferry the following afternoon because of high winds.  We had the option  to take another ferry north to Vancouver and then get on a bus to Seattle....again.  Thanks, but no thanks!!  An extra day in Victoria even without clean clothes was the obvious choice.

Finally a sunny day.
Victoria Clipper with The Empress Hotel in the background.
View from the hotel room balcony.

Next time I'd love to stay at this bed and breakfast.

Bard and Banker Scottish pub.  They have the best fish and chips I've ever good that we ate lunch here twice.


My Mounty buddy.

The world famous Fairmont Empress in Victoria's Inner Harbour.
Built between 1904 and 1908.

Atrium at The Empress.  This is even more beautiful in the spring and summer.

I didn't get a chance to have Afternoon Tea the last time I was here, so it was definitely on our agenda.  They always recommend reservations, but it really wasn't necessary in January.  

$378 for a bottle of champagne!!  I'll stick to tea.

Cup after cup of tea....I floated out.

The little sandwiches were on the bottom plate, raisin scones, jam and cream in the middle, and pastries on top.  It was an excellent experience and the food was delicious.

We played the part of registered guests and took ourselves on an inside walking tour of The Empress.  We never saw another person in the hallways and unfortunately couldn't access some of the areas without a hotel key card.
A little spooky.

BC Parliament buildings at night with the inner harbour in the foreground.

A daytime view of the Parliament buildings taken from inside the Royal British Columbia Museum.
Construction began in 1893 and was completed in 1896.

The Royal British Columbia  Museum was a great place to explore on our second day.  We spent about three hours in here and only left because it was closing time.  I reached too far over the railing when I took this picture and accidentally sounded the alarm.  A man came out of a hidden room and immediately started giving us the evil eye.  Oh sure, where would I stash one of those typewriters?

What a great way to travel.
It would have been nice to come home with a suitcase full of treasures, but I can do my junking anywhere.  Enjoying the moment, the adventure, the laughs, and fun times with my good friend was priceless.


  1. What an adventure...such beautiful and interesting photos! Love love that B&B! Thanks much for sharing! Hugs

  2. This is on my list of places to visit! My oldest daughter and I might have to do this trip! hugs, Linda

  3. LOL @ you leaning over too far on the railing, something I would do!!!

    Wonderful photos, Betsy! It's been so long since I've visited there. My niece and her husband honeymooned there and stayed at the Empress Hotel :)


  4. What a great adventure! I have only been to Victoria once and I loved it there. I figured talking the husband into high tea at the Empress was a stretch so thank you for sharing that experience!

  5. Setting off the alarm sounds like something I would do also. :-D Good thing he did not know you used old typewriter parts to make jewelry, or he may have escorted you out of the building. :-D The hotel being that deserted does seem a little strange.
    You had some beautiful views. Thanks for sharing your fun trip.

  6. This makes me want a vacation so bad, or should I say adventure. Looks like you had a great time.

  7. Victoria is like a visit to Europe, right at our back door...wasn't it the most lovely time? I could go again anytime. So fun. Tea can be expensive...well, anything but so worth it.

    Talk about side trips, sorry you kept getting locked out....glad you had a great time anyway.

  8. What a great trip. I'd love an adventure like that.


  9. I love seeing your view of the mountains and the fabulous night time photo of the Parliament buildings! You had quite a trip! ♥

  10. Those are really great pictures! These are a good inspiration for those who are looking for a nice adventure for their next holiday.


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