Saturday, March 24, 2012

A New Life for an Old Thermos

Burlap, lace, twine, a flower rhinestone brooch, and an old industrial strength 
Stanley thermos.

Much better and so simple!
I can imagine this once loved thermos being filled with coffee every morning and carried off to work.  All the dents, faded paint, and scratches indicate a hard life; now it's time to enjoy retirement.  

Unfortunately the cup was cracked in half, but I couldn't let the stopper go to waste.

I bent some heavy wire around a dowel and around the base of the stopper.  The plastic was discolored and really ugly, so I wrapped it with twine and topped it off with a vintage rhinestone button.

I gave this old jar a quick face lift while I had the burlap and lace out.  

A vintage glass knob makes a perfect handle for the clock face lid; so simple because it already had a hole in the center.  A piece of twine glued around the edge on the back keeps the lid from slipping off the jar.

I wish I could say these tulips came from my garden.

No sew simple.  I love Stitch Witchery.
This stuff works like magic on more raveled edges and just about invisible through the open weave.  You can buy it complete with simple instructions at any fabric store, either by the yard or in packaged strips. The roll of burlap came with the hemmed edge.

I cut a piece of Stitch Witchery a little narrower than the lace (you don't want it touching your iron), then I ironed it between the lace and burlap.  A small 1" piece cut the same width as the burlap holds the edge firmly in place.  

I think they look happy together!

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