Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Repurposed Jewels, Rainy Weekend Projects

Rainy and windy weekends are good for something after all.  I put a big dent in my jewelry projects and was able to finish up six necklaces, one bracelet, and several earrings.  Oh, it feels so good to see a uncluttered work surface.   I didn't get pictures of everything, just a few....

The base is the bottom half of a watchmakers tin; the pocket watch face was a perfect fit inside the tin.  The bling in the center was a clip on earring, and everything else was rescued from four or five different pieces of jewelry.

These models are from one of the antique magazines I purchased last summer.
The Designer, May 1911.  

I recreated this necklace from bits and pieces of three different necklaces and an old brooch.

The brooch wanted to be a focal point.  

I decorated the key necklaces with vintage clip on earrings and rhinestones.
The tiny hinge bracelet is a remake of a similar one I made a while back.

The bracelet is a little big for her, but I still think she wears it well.

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