Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yard Sale Jackpot

I had to spend my allotted garage sale time wisely last weekend.  I almost didn't go out at all until I spotted this ad on Craigslist:  "Lifelong collector is thinning the pile, vast collection of vintage collectibles, hundreds of items spanning several decades." Say no more!  As soon as I arrived, I started my little pile in a corner of her garage and kept a close eye on it.

My decision is final.  I'm keeping the milk glass pitcher and glasses for myself....
for now.

This little trinket box is lined with red velvet.

I love the tarnish patina on all of these pieces and won't even attempt to remove it.  There's still another box of silver platters and glass I never took pictures of.

The sweet monogrammed sugar and creamer are marked Brooklyn Silver Co. Quadruple Plate.

These came complete with salt and pepper.  Thanks, but no thanks. 

She has a repair at the bottom, but no chips or missing parts.

Miscellaneous fun stuff.  The glass jar feeder is already full of buttons.

I love these!
Student's Handy Shakespeare, 1881.  Eleven books of a twelve volume set.

The covers are tattered and torn, but all the pages are intact and in excellent condition.

"How much for the whole box?"  When I asked the sweet lady having the garage sale this question, she told me that there was nothing good inside; she told me twice just to make sure I understood.
Her definition of "good" was not the same as mine.  I didn't find any gold or diamonds, but that's not what I was looking for.  The box was full of rhinestones, glass beads, and all kinds of treasures just waiting to be repurposed.  I even uncovered a few pieces of sterling.

I was like a kid in a toy store.  She even gave me her phone number for when she gets the rest of her garage cleaned out.

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