Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vintage Door Knob Love

I have a "thing" for vintage door knobs.  My obsession began years ago when I purchased a set of round clear glass door knobs at a flea market.  One door knob purchase led to another until I had an official hoard on my hands.  Eventually I started making and selling dozens of coat/accessory racks and other crafty creations until this phase passed.  I kept some of my favorites and plan to display them in an uncovered shadow box just as soon as I find the perfect old frame.  For now, they're happy sitting in a tarnished silver bowl.

There's a green one and a purple one and a white one and a yellow one....
Do you have that Little Boxes ticky tacky song stuck in your head now?  Sorry.

Reproductions are always available, but.....

there's nothing like the beautiful patina and charm of the vintage beauties.

The purple knob actually started out clear.  From about 1860 - 1915 manganese was added as a clarifying agent to the glass making process.  When the glass was exposed to sunlight, either naturally or forced, it would eventually turn various shades of lavender or dark purple.

I love all the different patterns, shapes, and patina of brass knobs.

The swirls in the brown marble (two in back) can really vary from knob to knob. 
The knob in the front is Bakelite.  A few years ago I bought several of them from a collector and I couldn't resist keeping just one for myself.

This beautiful gem is my favorite.  An eight sided green glass knob had been on my wish list for ages because  they can get pricey and hard to find in good shape.  Imagine my surprise one Christmas when I opened this gift from my sweet mom.  Call me crazy for getting so excited over a door knob for a Christmas present.

They don't even have to function.  I just love looking at them.
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