Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy Days

It's been a hectic few weeks around here and I'm relieved to have a little break before my next show.  My desk is already lined up with bits and pieces of jewelry ideas and I still can't see the surface of the garage work bench.  I promised myself I'd get it all organized before bringing home more stuff, but you know how that goes.

First of all, I want to thank Linda from Charmed Victorian for this lovely Victorian style necklace.  I think she's so sweet holding her little bird's nest.  I was the winner of Linda's Spring Giveaway that also included the little silver angel coin and pretty note cards.

   So pretty!  Thank you Linda for your generosity. 

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday for the Lodi Antique Faire.  As promised, the wind died down over night and left us with a wonderful light breeze.  There were a few late afternoon wind gusts, but nothing strong enough to get stressed over. 

Say cheese.  My mother made me do it:-) 
Unfortunately, this was the only photo either of us had time to take.  The show didn't officially start until 8am, but the shoppers were out early, and by 7am I had already made dozens of sales.  Gotta love those early birds, but it sure does cut into my shopping time.  

Look what I spotted on one of my trips to the ladies room outhouse.....
It's in really bad shape which explains why it was still for sale so late in the day.  It's too dirty to come in the house, the carriage doesn't move, knobs are bent and cracked, and the keys jam, but I had to have it.  This is the second one I found in the last few days.

I didn't dare ask about the hair or what might have been living in it!

My next show is now less than three weeks away.  Yikes, only two more hunting weekends left and so many things to do.  It's all good!

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