Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Morning Junking Finds

Saturday morning I headed to the next town over for a few sales that looked much more promising than what was offered around here.  Oh yes, it was well worth the extra time and gas.  One parking lot sale and about six yard sales later......

First stop was an annual sale in an antique mall parking lot.  There were only a few vendors, so I think I ended up buying something from each of them.

Another typewriter score!  Yep, this was the third one in just over a week and it wasn't full of hair and dust like the last one.

It works like a charm and has glass inserts on the side.  This one is now proudly displayed on an old cabinet in my living room.

I bought this awesome stack of metal drawers from the same vendor.  I've already added numbers 1-8 to the front of each drawer.  

Love the chippy green paint (with one blue arm) on this folding metal chair.  A set of three cross stitch pictures, mason jar chicken feeder, the journal from my last post, and that crazy 1950s Oster vibrator massage thingie.

The $1.00 price tag made it well worth the laughs I got out of it.

If this is a "junior" I'd hate to see the full scale version; it weighs half a ton.  
Be afraid, be very afraid!

I can't imaging letting this anywhere near my face.  Wouldn't those coils get tangled
 up in your hair?

It even massages your gums if it doesn't electrocute you first.  

Rusty green folding newspaper/magazine stand.

I adore this sweet photo of the children in front of their school house.  There's always one spoiler in every group.  Look at the boy in the bottom left corner; I think he's the reason why Mr. Principal looks so angry.

The old dough/bread board and a yellow step stool were from the last garage sale stop of the morning.  The rusty old orange and yellow tractor part and the DeSoto hubcap make me just as happy as the 

vintage floral fabric and jar of sewing goodies.  It was definitely one extreme to the other.
Hope you found some treasures too....old or new.

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