Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Sweet Vintage Mother's Day Poem

Saturday was another great day for yard sales.  I hope to get pictures of all my treasures in the next day or so, but this one just had to be shared today.....Mother's Day.

I purchased this tattered journal at an antique mall parking lot sale yesterday even though I didn't have time to look through it while I was there.  When I got home, I started looking it over when this sweet poem caught my eye.....

It's signed Gertrude Denzel.  I started reading through some of the entries and couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed.  I'm still trying to figure out who all the people are because it appears to have entries from a few different generations.

It's full of favorite recipes, addresses, business letters, advertisements, and some very personal journal entries.  The one that was most touching was written by a woman to her daughters explaining to them about their father being terminally ill.  Another entry is from a young
 girl to her father, obviously angry at him for not leaving the family with any life insurance
 after his death.

Do you find old diaries, journals, and letters as fascinating as I do?  Who were these people?  Do they have relatives out there that would be interested in these old papers?  Thank you Gertrude for your sweet Mother's Day poem.

Happy Mother's Day

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Betsy and thank you for the sweet poem you shared!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful find. Moments of people's lives preserved, and now in your hands.

  3. How sweet that is... gets you thinking and wondering...
    Happy Mothers Day

  4. What a fabulous find, Betsy! *Sigh* I don't think I'll be making it to the flea today. I need to go treasure hunting SOON! Although yesterday I did go see Ruth and she had set some goodies aside for me :)

    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!


  5. Happy Mother's Day Betsy!
    What a treasure you found and yes, it absolutely makes you wonder how it came to pass that no one in the family wanted a treasure like that.

  6. Happy Mother's Day!

    Wow.....what a find!!! I never find great stuff like that!
    Why did they toss that treasure????

  7. What an interesting journal! And to have a poem for Mother's Day is quite a treasure. Can't wait to see your other purchases this week.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  8. Betsy,
    What a beautiful poem.I have a journal that belonged to my husbands Grandmother.I am so glad to have it.This will be given to my daughter when she is a bit older.Happy Mothers Day.

  9. What a fun and timely find. I think more people kept journals and diaries many years ago - guess the computer took their place more.
    It has been a cloudy and gray day here.

  10. That journal is always breaks my heart that family members lose these items to the public. I am glad you saved it, as I know you will treasure it.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's day!

  11. Betsy thank you for sharing~what an awesome find. Hope you had a great day!!!!:):)

  12. I love reading old things like that!! Great find!

  13. Yes, I've always been fascinated by old letters and journals. Thanks for sharing the poem. Happy Mother's Day.

  14. Isn't that just ADORABLE!! What a great find!

  15. Wonderful! So glad you saved it. I have one that is very similar that belonged to my Great Aunt who passed away in 1922 at 18 y.o. My Grandma kept it and wrote in it after that until 1985. I'll pass it to my only child, a son. He'll cherish it!!

  16. It is a mystery how something so wonderful got discarded maybe by accident... But I believe it was meant to be and you were the lucky one to share it.
    Thank you.


  17. Oh, I love old letters and notes! What a treasure that was. Even their grammar was a little different, there hand writing was generally perfect!


  18. Betsy this is the best find ever! Yes, I love old diaries and I especially love the paper they are written on, there is definitely a stark difference! Oh I know you will cherish this one! Great post! Wishing you a beautiful evening!

  19. The journal is a wonderful find! I love the Mother's Day special!

  20. Your posts are full of such interesting and unique finds!! I love stumbling across old record books and journals! Have a great weekend.


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