Thursday, July 19, 2012

Makeshift Cloche

I've been looking for more glass shades for the longest time.  When I discovered this pretty vintage cut glass shade last week during a junking adventure, I knew it would be the perfect candidate for a cloche.  Once upon a time, I had several of these in various sizes and shapes and turned them into cloches by covering the holes with glass stoppers from antique liquor bottles. The stoppers I have in my stash right now are all too small, so I tried a few other pieces to get just the right look....

A white plate with a leaf pattern and a vintage crystal doorknob for the top. 

A quadruple plate butter dish that's part of a set my great-grandparents received on their wedding day.  One of the three other pieces I have is engraved: Curren Oct. 24, 94.  That would be 1894.

A pretty rhinestone buckle makes a perfect picture frame.

A little tacky glue on the center bar holds the old picture of my cousin, brother, and me.  The vintage salt shaker makes a sweet vase for the silk roses.

Just the right size to fit under the cloche.

Another version topped with a silver lid from a sugar bowl.  I saw a silver lid used on a glass shade on Pinterest that was pinned from JunkMarketStyle.  Unfortunately the link didn't lead anywhere and I can't find the original source.

I like this version best because of its sentimental value.  This one is a keeper.

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