Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outdoor Adventures

No junking adventures for me this past weekend.  I actually put the yard sales on hold (yes it was difficult), and had two fun filled days in the great outdoors.  I was a Rogue River virgin until Sunday when we took a four hour Hellgate speed boat excursion.  The 36 mile round trip began in Grants Pass, Oregon and continued through the beautiful and rugged Hellgate Canyon.

Not much in the way of white water rapids through this section of the canyon, but the scenery was gorgeous.

Rugged and hot....very hot!

The excursion included a champagne brunch in their open air restaurant.

Sorry about all the heads; I was afraid I'd be thrown overboard if I dared to stand up.
The first half of the trip was fairly calm, but after the one hour brunch stop our driver treated us to a wild ride all the way back.  It was a good thing I didn't overdo it on the champagne.  I did get a little carried away with the sunblock though....1/2 a bottle of SPF 80 left me the only one without a sunburn!  We were all soaking wet by the end of the trip, so my camera stayed safely inside my backpack.

Saturday was spent at Crater Lake National Park
It was a beautiful crystal clear day and a perfect 75 degrees; a huge relief  from 100 degrees in the valley below.  The last time I was here was in 1984 with Mr. MST and my sister.....way back in our tent camping days.  It was even more beautiful than I remembered because last time we were rained out after the first day.

We had no idea there would be this much snow on the ground in July.   Some areas along the side of the road still had at least eight feet of snow piled up.  

This was the view from the trail where we all had our picnic lunch.

My little July snow baby.
He's a little sad looking, but I had to work fast in sandals.

Can you see the visitor's center built in the side of the cliff?

Oh yes!  Putting the junking on hold for just one weekend was a good decision.  

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