Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Successful Junking Day

It was another successful shopping day at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire.  The weather on Sunday was perfect (at least I thought so), cloudy and very cool, but such a huge relief from the temperatures we've been having in the valley.  I was on a mission with my "focus list" and I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything more than what would fit in a single shopping cart load.  I made the same promise the last time I went out to Alameda, but broke it very early in the day.  I behaved myself this time and came home only with the things on my list:  key holes and watch faces for making jewelry, silver plate flatware for stamping, and maybe a typewriter if I was lucky enough to find one.  

I spotted both of these in the same booth.  I wasn't able to strike a deal for the two of them, but they were still very reasonable.  The one on the left is in perfect working condition, but the other one has some major rust issues and the keys are locked up. 

This girl can't resist the lure of a vintage typewriter....working, or not.

I collected this load of flatware for stamping from at least six different vendors.
You can see my stamping tutorial here.

I see lots of earrings and necklaces here.  Between four different vendors, I spent over an hour digging through boxes of watch parts.  Hand sanitizer is always a good thing to have stashed in your flea market bag.

One stop shopping.  I was hoping this dealer still had more of these fabulous wooden key holes, and I was lucky enough to find some of them already painted.

Mission accomplished!  Even with the two typewriters, I was still able to fit everything in my cart without making an extra trip back to the car.  Don't you love it when you're able to find exactly what you were hunting for?  

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