Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Cameras Make Me Smile

My heart skipped a beat and I had a mile wide smile on my face when I spotted these vintage cameras at a yard sale last weekend.  My smile started to fade a bit when I got a closer look and noticed that half of them were in very sad condition.

The three Brownies in the bottom row were cleaned up and will be coming with me to Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show next month.  The Afga Speedex Junior on the right is now the newest member of my collection.

The two Kodak cameras on the left found a new home with a friend of mine.  According to the lady I bought them from, the heavy corrosion, ripped bellows, and missing lens made the other two ready for the trash.
Not so fast.....

The missing front lens makes this Afga the perfect candidate for a vase, and the pull-out stand holds a vintage black and white picture firmly in place.  The Kodak flash attachment that was thrown into the deal for free holds some of my seashells.  

I couldn't find a container small enough to fit through the opening where the lens was, so I opened up the back of the camera and placed this spice jar inside.  After closing the camera, I added the fresh flowers through the lens opening into the new vase.

Part of the other rusty and torn camera becomes the base of a necklace.

The earrings were made from the little flaps that covered the red film counter windows.

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