Monday, September 10, 2012

Alphabet Love

Letters, numbers, punctuation marks, oh my.   This yard sale wasn't on our list a few weeks ago when we were in Ashland, but as we drove by it looked interesting enough for a quick stop. A little voice inside my head was telling me to bend down and open a beat up cardboard box hiding behind a stack of other junky junk.  At first glance I wasn't even sure what was in the box because it also contained rocks....lots of rocks.  The box had been in the man's storage locker for years and he was thrilled at the prospect of being able to pass them on.  The rocks stayed and the alphabet came home with me.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.
That 70s song is stuck in my head now.

Hugs and Kisses

Oh yes!

This is the cleaned up, but still unorganized pile of flexible plastic sign letters and numbers.  I had to wash all 278 of them.

Here they are now.  All cleaned up, organized, and ready to go with me to Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show on Saturday.

You know I love all kinds of junk.

Even this kind of junque.

B for Betsy looks right at home in a vintage frame that belonged to my aunt many years ago.  I was never crazy about the gold paint, but a mixture of ASCP Old White and Country Gray fixed it right up. I covered the back with a remnant of toile and used a small amount of glue behind the B to hold it in place.  

What Acme safety grater would be complete without a plastic letter?  A metal swivel clip holds the letter in place and a vintage clip on earring tops it off.

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  1. You find the neatest things! Can I tag along one day??? :)

  2. one must always listen to those little voices in our heads,
    this is perfect proof!! Looks great!! what a find!!

    Unless the voices tell us to do bad things, ummm, then i say don't listen, ( see how I covered my tracks there), yikes!!!

  3. AWESOME find girl!!!! have a great sale~

  4. What a super find. I love it. Love the frame and the grater too. Hugs, Marty

  5. What a GREAT score, Betsy!!!!

    I am going to miss seeing you this weekend :(

    Have FUN!!!!!


  6. You never know what you will find...but you always manage to find something neat! Hugs!

  7. Betsy these are so cute!!! Love that you framed the B for Betsy!
    hugs, Linda

  8. Once again, your creativity leaves me at a loss for words. Besides, you bought all the good words. 8+)

  9. I love finds like this, and your creativity. I found a box of metal letters a while ago. I've yet to do anything with them. Have a great show!

  10. Yep - Some time we have to dig in the out of the way places for the real treasures. Keep listening to the little voices as long as they don't steer you in the wrong direction. :-D
    Enjoy your evening.

  11. Betsy, I'm so jealous! I could make a million words with those! (and you know how I love words around my house! :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my feature!

  12. Oh yeah Betsy I love letters too. Fabulous score here. Visiting from Brenda's. Olive

  13. Hi Betsy, I only wish I could hang with you just one day while you are shopping/junking, because you are a "FINDER" of all kinds of treasures! Lol! Love theses letters!

  14. I am a collector of old letters as well! I have an etsy shop and people just snatch em right up whenever I get my hands on them! Love your blog~happily following now. I hope you will stop over for a visit! Angie

  15. Betsy,
    letters and numbers are the BEST!
    You did good! They are fantastic! Hope you sell out at your sale!

  16. Betsy,
    Great finds!!! LOVE those letters!

  17. Years ago, while talking about yard and estate sales, someone told me "Always open the box." Sounds like it worked for you as well!!

  18. Oh, what a great find! But, it takes your talent to know what to do with them!


  19. Those are so fun!! The zillions of ways you could use them... They're just whizzing through my mind at the mmoment...

  20. What a lucky find you have just never know:) Thanks for sharing at my party.


  21. GREAT find...lucky you!! Good luck at your show :) Laurel

  22. Is this comment glowing green? So enviousss! Hope you didn't get tennis elbow (I mean, thrifter's elbow) from all the scrubbing. The simple initials on the old grater and frame: only you would do something so charming. Have fun at the show!

  23. I love to find cool stuff at yard sales, and it looks like you did great at this one! I especially like the letter B that you put in the pretty frame.

  24. What a great find!! So jealous! I love what you did with them.

  25. Hi Betsy: Love the letters what a great find. I love what you did with each letter. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  26. Oh gee thanks, now that song is stuck in my head, lol! I love what you have already done with the lettering and I can't wait to see more of your super-cool ideas!

  27. It's party time at Debt Free Mommy Blog and we'd love to see you there! Please come join us and link up to Making Space Mondays. We'd love to see any post(s) about making your spaces better. Thanks, Tabitha

  28. Stopping over from your feature at Knick of Time. I was at Junk Bonanza last Thursday and someone had several boxes of these letters. I picked up 8 for my son's room and am working on some wall art. No ampersand however, she had everything but!


  29. I just found your blog via Knick of Time and really love it. I am signing up for emails and going over to look at your Pinterest and Etsy. I am glad I found you.


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