Sunday, September 30, 2012

Repurposed Towel Bar

Q. When is a towel bar not a towel bar?

A. When it's used to display necklaces.  Well, maybe not.
I bought this pretty towel bar at an antique shop in Sonora a couple of months ago thinking I'd use it to display my flat back marble necklaces.  Unfortunately it's a little too short for the job and I'm not about to shorten all these necklaces.

Q. When is a necklace display not a necklace display?

A. When it becomes a picture holder.

The 7 pack of clips was purchased at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) for just a few dollars.

I didn't need to bend the hook because the end of the towel bar screwed off and the hook slipped right on.  Hmm, this guy isn't bad looking, too bad I can't claim him as a relative.

Finally, something that works!

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