Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Roundup of Treasures

There weren't too many interesting sounding yard sales around here last weekend, but I took my chances and headed out anyway.  With two more big shows coming up in the next couple of weeks, I-need-inventory!  I had about ten sales on my list, but found most everything here at one of them.  Don't you love it when one sale saves the day?

The awesome 32" high birdcage, windows (yes there were two), urn, chandelier, metal canister, and decoy were all found at the same sale; good think I arrived just as they were opening their garage door.  The lantern will become a vase and I think the wire basket will be good for holding linens.

The close up of the top of the birdcage shows off all its fabulous patina.  That thingie wrapped around the top is actually a necklace with tiny coil wires.  Interesting, but too far gone even for this repurposer.  You never know.

Oops.  Always make sure glass has a soft place to land if you have it propped up for a photo shoot.  Who put that rock there?

The chandelier will be getting a paint job along with that agricultural elevator bucket hiding on the right.

 I'll be keeping this 18" tall urn.  

My heart skipped a few beats when I spotted these.  Fifty five fabulous skeleton keys all in one place, including the mirrored dresser tray.

I had to have this old decoy even though it's not wood.  Look at it eyeing my keys.

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