Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Day at Mes Amis

The shoppers were out bright and early on Saturday morning for the Mes Amis Vintage Antiques Show in Roseville, Ca.  What a day!  We arrived at 3:15am and were set up and ready to go by the time shoppers started showing up before the official 8:00am opening time.  It had to be close to noon before I was ever able to sit down, but that's a good thing because I sure had a lot less to pack up at the end of a very tiring day.

I hated to see Ms. Adjust-O-Matic go, but she found a new home with a sweet lady who was going to display her in her sewing room.

All the buckets I recently embellished with labels sold.  At the end of the day I didn't have to pack up the white table, tall glass lamps, and the rusty white folding display rack.  The chippy old FLOWERS cooler I posted about last week was the first thing to go.

This was the last time my space was empty.  At least my mom took the time to sit down before the shoppers arrived.  That's her behind the table waving:-)

All the cameras, typing book, and the Royal typewriter now have new homes.
About an hour into the show I noticed four teenage boys laughing as they were typing something.  After they walked away I went to check it out, and just as I suspected, their little note was more like something you'd see on a bathroom wall.  Yep, it was quite detailed and they even left a phone number.

Some of my brooches I pinned to old black and white photographs.

All four of the chippy old wheels from an antique crib were bought by one customer; she wanted them for her collection.  Door knobs and skeleton keys always fly off the table.

Seller's remorse set in soon after all my salt and pepper shakers left.  Most of the silver is gone too and at least half of the stamped silverware.

I never got a "before" picture of the sweet pink medicine cabinet I bought in Oregon last month.  What a mess it was, but after good cleaning it was good to go.  The cabinet, crib springs, one ridge cap basket, and collapsible laundry basket are no longer with me.

Wonderful entertainment all day long from Music by Derek Thomas.

Lipstick Gypsy and their always fabulous pink vintage trailer.

Annette Eagle's beautiful necklaces.  Gorgeous!

Aren't these so much fun?  More beautiful creations by Annette.  

This is part of Sandy's beautiful space, The Olive and Rose and Mes Amis creator.  You can see part of her restored Shasta trailer on the left.

I have less than three weeks before my next show.  I'll try to remember to come up for air every once in a while:-)

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  1. Ha! Good thing you checked on the boy's typing right after they left...

    Your stuff is gorgeous - wish I lived nearby!

  2. did you sell out of letters? Looks like a fabulous time~wish I had been there:):)

  3. I was just going to e-mail you to ask how it went! SO glad it was such a success (told you so!)

    Love how you set things up and all your great wares. I'll miss that collapsible laundry basket, loved it since you first shared it. I even found one on my trip to IA but it was too expensive for my taste.

    I'm sure you're on a roll and the good luck (and sales!) will continue!


  4. Your space looks great and glad to hear you did so well !!
    Yes - good thing you checked on what the teens left behind. :/

  5. Betsy it looks like you had a great show! I love all of your 'stuff' and would jump right in to buy from you! It's hard to part with treasures, but it also means you can buy more stuff!!!! Hugs, Linda

  6. I would love to be able to shop at shows like that in my area. What fun the shoppers must have had! I'm not surprised that so many of your wonderful things sold. You must feel great that all your time, effort and creativity has paid off! Enjoy getting ready for the next show!

  7. You did awesome, I just love all your 'junk', I would have bought half of it if I could have been there.

    Love seeing your posts!

  8. You really had some wonderful pieces. I am glad all your hard work has turned into $$
    I am in love with the horseshoes...too cute. :)

  9. You are so inventive in creating new uses for your found items that I am not surprised you had such a wonderful sale and I bet you have seller's remorse a lot. I don't know how you part with some of your lovely creations! Yes, do remember to breathe throughout the next coming weeks and share when you can.

  10. WOWZA! You really know what to buy that people want. I love those sweet salt and pepper shakers...but you'll find more! And those necklaces by Annette are gorgeous! What a wonderful show!

  11. Ohhh...I'm drooling over that collapsible laundry basket!!! I love that super big clock face too - did you make it, or is it an actual clock face? Looks like you have a wonderful show!

  12. Your booth looked awesome!! So glad that you had a great show!! Now the fun part of getting ready for the next one and remembering to breath.

  13. hi Betsy--what a sale!! You must have been running on adrenaline and wiped out by the end of the day. Your booth looked wonderful, and wow, you sold a lot. I, too, would have hated to part with much of it. With so much that sold, you probably really need to do some serious hunting and gathering (and fluffing) before the next show in a couple weeks. Busy, busy Betsy!

  14. Wow, sounds and looks like a fab sale! I chuckled about those silly boys. I recently sent my older son a video about altering a typewriter to work from a computer. He wrote back that it made him sad because of memories of staying at Grandma's (with no computer) when he was a kid and writing computer code on her old typewriter so he could remember it when he got home. Now I've got my eye out for a typewriter for him.
    Are those buttons in that glass rolling pin??

  15. Wow, Betsy, you did fabulous!!! I hope that Tinsel and Treasures and Mes Amis aren't on the same day next Fall!!!

    Drat, had I know you had those buggy wheels, I would have bought them before you took them, LOL!

    Great photos! I smiled when I saw your mom waving!!!!


  16. Your space looked fantabulous. That's my new word. Thanks for sharing the other booths as well. I have two shows in the next few weeks. What does come up for air mean? LOL

  17. 3:15 am YIKKES! I am so glad you had a good sale, I knew that cooler would go and.......It sounds like some boys need their mouths washed out with soap!


  18. I just had the best time sitting down and catching up with your posts! I'm so happy your sale went so well. Darn, I wish I knew you had a typewriter book. I'd love to have one. Also loved so many things you had and those letters you got a couple posts down and that metal cooler are unbelieveably cool. I'd love to be able to come to one of your sales in person. Amazing stuff. I hope you made a bundle and had a blast! Maybe you should give us a preview of your next show so we can get first dibs! :)

  19. It's like taking a walk down memory lane. I remember reading your posts on all of these. Sounds like you had a fantastic day! When is the next show? We are always looking for a new show to explore. Lisa

  20. Betsy, I would have snagged the laundry basket and that Flowers cooler! But I am so happy with everything that I bought from you and am wearing the little clock face necklace at this very moment. It was terrific to meet you and I look forward to buying again from you!


  21. So fun!! What I want to know is, did you call the number those boys left for you?? Prank call?? :)

  22. Hi Betsy, I'm happy that the show had been such a big success for you. It's no wonder though because you had so many fantastic things for sale. A visit at your booth would have ended up for me with an empty wallet but with lots of new treasures.

  23. Gee, I've been wanting a laundry basket like that for a couple of years . I spotted one at a yard sale for $12 but had to leave the sale when I got an urgent phone call. Kicked myself for not tossing money at the lady then booking off the porch .... LOL
    glad u had a good sale w/ all your fantabulous junque. :-)

  24. Wow, I would have gone crazy buying in your booth! I was gonna ask if that laundry basket was still available, but not surprised that it isn't. I really enjoyed looking at all your stuff!! Did you sell that trophy?

  25. I love how you styled your tables and entire booth, Betsy--I'm sure your customers must have had a wonderful time shopping and exploring all your gorgeous items that you made available. I am glad that your day was a success, but as a shopper I sometimes forget sometimes how much hard work each vendor goes through to prepare and set up for such an event--you were up before the birds arriving at 3:15 in the morning! It's interesting to get an insider's view. And I bet there is some seller's remorse when you have to let go of projects and items that you've worked on so hard. But that just means there's now more room for new items!

  26. Betsy, your space looks incredible! I see many things that I would've had to have! Congrats on a great show :)

  27. Oh what a Great Show, Thanks for taking us along Virtually so that those of us unable to attend can feel as though we were there! Perhaps its a good thing I couldn't be... I see far too many things I would have felt I couldn't live without!? *winks*

    So glad it was a very successful Show for you and that you had such a great time!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  28. I'm so thrilled that you had a good show. I know it makes all that work worthwhile, especially when you have yet another show coming up so quickly! You had all the goodies...cameras, typewriters, salt shakers, medicine cabinets and, of course, your gorgeous jewelry. Congrats!!!

  29. Congrats on your sales! I've never had to set up for a show that early (usually set-up is the day/night prior for shows I do). Good thing you sold so much and had little left to carry home after that long day. :-)

  30. wow! sounds like an incredible show....glad you did so well, and not surprised either.
    blessings sweet lady.


  31. Oh my that is junk paradise!! I would be going crazy & so would my wallet ;) I am a new follower to your blog :)

  32. I would've loved that sale and your booth--such wonderful treasures! The typewriter looked to be in fantastic condition. Lucky buyer!

  33. Betsy,
    So happy to hear that you had an awesome show and sold a ton of stuff. My sales have been down, so it's really good to hear that some people are doing good. Your merchandise and space looked OUTSTANDING!!!


  34. Love those horseshoes - here in Ky people love to sell horseshoes and finally a creative thing to do with them! Love the whole post.

  35. Hi Betsy!

    315 am? Wow that was a supreme sacrifice. However, I think the sacrifice was all worth it because you were able to sell almost all of your items.

    How I wish I was able to see the place. I was like a kid treated with so many candies by just looking at the pictures.

    Have a great weekend Betsy!

    I'm catching up with your posts :)

  36. There is one thing on my list that I am looking for.. and you had one! An old typewriter!!! Oh, well. Your pieces are just so fabulous that it is no wonder that you sell it all!! And those chippy wheels... love! And of course, the way you package your brooches is just so sweet. Gesh... guess I've done enough gushing..LOL! It's just that I love all those things!!


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