Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Funky Photo Display

You just never know when a salvaged board and a few vintage curlers/perm rods might come in handy.  I knew the curlers would eventually become an altered something or other, so I wasn't about to bury them too far back in a cabinet where they'd never again see the light of day.

I was going through my stash of vintage photos when I finally decided what to do with the curlers and the salvaged board.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this 6-foot board when I picked it up at the salvage yard a few months ago.  It was too long for this project, so I cut it down to 20 inches and relocated one of the ends.  

Then I drilled one new hole in the center and filled in the smaller holes.  The other two holes were just the right size to accommodate the bottom of the curler.

A little E6000 glue was added to hold the curler in place, but wasn't really necessary because it was a good tight fit.  

The depth of the existing hole was perfect; just deep enough to still allow the button to be pushed in for the clip to open.

Vinyl letters from a huge stash I found at a yard sale this summer.

Vinyl letters combined with the old photos.  Doesn't the lady behind the B look a little creepy now?  Buddy couldn't resist getting in on the action too.

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  1. Another cute idea! I remember some of those metal curlers. A cute little furbaby! :)
    Happy Halloween to you also.

  2. Have I mentioned lately that I think you are a genius?!! Such creativity!


  3. I am quite certain we could send you out into the wilderness with a pocket knife and a Q-tip and you would build a shopping mall!

  4. Genius! Again! I would love to see inside your brain when you get these ideas! Ha! You couldn't go wrong using photos or letters, both look great. Never knew there was such a thing as a metal perm rod.

  5. What a great project!! Just think of all the things that those old curlers could hold. A few favorite Christmas cards would look good on there too.
    Buddy is so cute!! Is he a Yorkie? He looks a lot like my Chloe and Zoey.

  6. Love this idea! Such a wonderful project. Happy Halloween to you and your family!


  7. who thinks for this??? You are so creative and never disappoint!


  8. Another good one, Betsy! When you posted about these vinyl letters a while back, I loved them but wasn't sure how they'd best be displayed. Well, this is PERFECT for displaying them, and with the halloween photos behind the letter 'openings'??....brilliant!

    My MIL wears her hair so tightly permed, I wouldn't be surprised if these curlers were the kind of torture device her hairdresser still uses :-)

  9. Cute project Betsy. I love the BOO and the picture in the OOOO!!

    hugs, Linda

  10. This is just TOO COOL! I have seen these perm curlers and wondered if anything could be done with them, but could never think of anything. Great idea, Betsy.

  11. Cute, funky and versatile too! I'm lost with the perfect adjectives to match your creativity Betsy! Another great work :)

    Hope you are having a great week

  12. so fun!! you have great ideas girl!


  13. Betsy, so clever! I have a renewed sense of salvaging things I would have otherwise thrown out, but these curlers, would have been tossed! I can't believe how creative and inspiring you are...Now I will have to be on the lookout for these curler rods! xo Pam

  14. Another clever idea, Betsy!!!!

    Love it!!


  15. How the heck do you DO it? I love the way you can put two totally unrelated things together to make an awesome creation!

  16. Super do you think of these things?

  17. Now I know what to do with those vintage curlers I spy! And the letters are a good alternative to the photos... great ideas!!!

  18. I have a few of those metal rollers..have been pondering what to do with them .....eventually! Great idea, thanks for pondering for me :) ♥

  19. Stop it! You are putting some of us to shame! You are just so smart and always thinking of something new and amazing. Love the use of the curlers. Wish I had thought of it. Of course I have none of those, but even if I did, I would not have thought of that. And using them to hold the letters is also SWEET! Love it!

  20. wow you have been so busy since the last time I was over! (I'm still trying to catch up from being gone to FL). Love all your neat finds especially that great looking oak box you stored your photos in!

    Another great display for your show too!

    Been working on Christmas displays for the store since coming back home. Made a Christmas tree from a 6 foot old ladder that turned out so cute!!

    bee blessed


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