Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Business Saturday Treasure Shopping

I feel bad.  I feel guilty.  I feel like I should have been putting up holiday decorations over the weekend, but I didn't.  I did feel good about getting out on Saturday for a little junking adventure with my sister-in-law; our contribution to Small Business Saturday.  We wouldn't have gone near the big stores, but a trip to the local thrift/junk store was just what we needed.

I rarely pass up good pieces of tarnished silver, and the hobnail milk glass planter is one of the largest I've seen; more like a champagne bucket.

I love these vintage bottles with their pretty labels.  Eileen Feather Pink Time Cleanser, Star Bright Facial Oil, and Face Powder Etude.  I couldn't leave with just three bottles, I had to buy them by the case.

Call me crazy!  
Three cases of new-old stock still packed in their original boxes.  Two of the boxes were unopened and hadn't seen the light of day in probably fifty years.  I'd never consider using the products, but they actually still smell good after all these years.  I'll be re-decorating some of them and the others will go in my Etsy shop .

Love this mailing label.  Look at the return address and phone number.
I did a little research and found that Eileen Feather and her husband Jack opened several figure salons in California and Nevada in the 1950s.  They also had their share of legal problems when claims were made that you could lose one inch from your waist, hips, and thighs in 40 minutes, or gain three or more inches on your bust in a few weeks.  Sounds like a plan to me.

A little bling always makes me smile and so did this vintage mirrored  tray.  I love the beautiful detail, but.....

Things aren't always as they appear.  It was broken when I bought it, but for $1.00 I wasn't going to leave it behind.  I'll make an attempt at replacing the mirror, but if that doesn't work I'll figure out a plan B.

Time to get boxes down from the rafters and out of the closets.  We're hosting Christmas this year and I need to start getting things crossed off my "to do" list.

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  1. I am so with you there...I too had plans to do the decorating this weekend but each year it gets harder. I just don't want to fuss with it anymore. But I will have everyone, daughter, family and her in laws, so I will make an effort...soon.

    I love the lovely pearl looking dodad and the frame is lovely. Sorry about the mirror.

    Don't worry about getting her all decorated this week...take your time. Enjoy the moments.

  2. Definitely not crazy -- those boxes of bottles are a huge score! Did they happen to include instructions about losing an inch in 40 minutes?

    I too spent the days after Thanksgiving doing my part for SBS at some small antique shops where I was visiting. :-)

  3. what a great day out......I love to go thrifting with my sister,but she lives in UK and I live in Canada so we don't get to go out together much. Its so nice to share the thrill of the hunt.

  4. You had a very productive day if you supported small businesses.:) Nice finds - you know what my favorite would be. :D
    I need to get off this computer and get something constructive done.

  5. I got all the Fall put away this weekend and few items in the cubbies but that is it. I'm trying to enjoy decorating and not go at it like a job! Love your fun finds! Hugs, Linda

  6. Beautiful items you found! I would have purchased the mirror too, for that price.

    I too am slowly decorating; used to be I would get it all done in a day. Now I do just a bit each day instead.

  7. Oh, Betsy, you found some AWESOME treasures!!!! Just wonderful!!!

    I could see that mirror aged to hide the crack if you can't fix it!

    Fa la la la la la la la!!


  8. What wonderful finds! Love that the bottles are still in their original boxes.


  9. Betsy wow great treasures! I love junking too and I would rather that then decorate for Christmas! Hence my much simpler look.

  10. Hi Betsy--love the term "figure salon". Makes me think of Jack LaLanne and bust enhancers and those funny machines with the big strap that one put around their derrieres and then it vibrated like crazy to 'take those inches off!' Guess that ages me, huh? The boxes of lotions and potions are wonderful...I would have snatched them up, too. And then I'd have gotten home and wondered what the heck am I going to do with them now??!! Can't wait to see what you conjure up :-)

  11. Great finds. I love the mirror and cosmetics.

  12. The vintage bottles are an incredible find. You just never know what you'll find when you treasure hunt. Have you thought about knocking the mirror out and putting something like velvet in the bottom for a tray for the dresser? I know you'll come up with something clever!

  13. Super sweet brass mirror; could you use a lacey doily to cover the crack yet still show the mirror through it? I used brass polish on a 'dresser jar' with brass top and couldn't believe how nice it cleaned up! Fun finds!

  14. With the caliber of your talent, I believe that you will make the best Xmas decors even in the shortest span of time.

    I felt sad for the mirror but I believe you just have the magical powers to make it a piece pricless treasure again :)

    Have a great week and enjoy!

  15. Those bottles and jars are a SCORE and I have no doubt you will come up with the perfect fix for the mirror!

  16. I had my show this past weekend, so I didn't do any decorating either. Today I put the Fall stuff away and hope to get our Christmas tree up tomorrow.
    What a great find the vintage bottles are. Hope you can replace the mirror...it is a very pretty piece.

  17. Totally love it all! I haven't seen that large of a milkglass container either. Love it!

  18. That I would never say especially about you...crazy, you, nah! But what treasures you've found...love it all!

  19. Love your thinking. I went to a garage sail down the street and got a few great deals, too. I love your picks, especially the mirror.
    There's always something to spark the creativity!

  20. You were smart to avoid the crowds, Just look how lucky you were finding all these vintage goodies.

  21. Such pretty finds! Adore the mirror.

    And thank you for this post as I had forgotten that I have a silver Revere bowl ... somewhere ...!

    Happy VTT!

  22. wow! boxes full. What a treasure. I would not doubt that you will do something fabulous with everything you have found. I too love old labels. They do tell a story of different times. Always interesting.

  23. First things first, I say. Go junking first, then decorate!!! Love your new treasures. I can't believe the number of new-old bottles you found...so interesting!!! Good luck with decking the halls!!!

  24. OH, I missed this!! Wow, hat a find I love old bottles!!



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