Friday, November 9, 2012

Transformed Cement Tools

A few weeks ago I made a quick and unexpected stop at a mid week yard sale where the guy's entire driveway was covered with boxes fresh from his storage locker.  Being in a hurry to get where I was originally going, I quickly scanned through the boxes and came up with three rusty old cement edgers.  I know they were the last things this guy thought he'd be selling to me, but I did have a plan and I wasn't going to let him in on it.

how to turn old cement tools into unique signs
I've been keeping my eyes open for more of these old cement tools ever since I posted about the first business card holder I made back in March.

how to repurpose old cement tools
This picture is before I cleaned them up and sprayed them with a coat of matte acrylic sealer.  Then I gathered up some Scrabble tiles, rusty hardware, and brass edging from a salvaged picture frame.  

turn an old cement tool into a new photo holder
Two pieces of the frame edging were cut down to size with scissors, then glued to the top and bottom with plenty of room for a picture to slide through.  I glued a magnet on back of the pretty vintage brooch.

how to repurpose a cement tool into a picture holder
A different look holding a larger picture.

make a business card holder with an old cement edger
Two pieces of hardware left over from another re-do were glued to the edger with E6000.  With the edger tilted back on its handle, business cards and pictures won't fall off the brackets.  
how to make a unique business card holder
GIVE THANKS...I glued magnets to the Scrabble tiles and added a little bling to the top.
A vintage earring clips right on the business card/picture holder for some added sparkle.

how to repurpose an old concrete edger
A holiday postcard.

upcycled cement tools turned into picture holders and signs
Three rusty old cement tools, three different looks.  I wonder what the yard sale guy would think if he saw them now!

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  1. Great idea being a carpenter and having done a lot of concrete over the years it gets my sense of ha ha. Thanks

  2. Hi Betsy, you never cease to amaze, what a clever idea! Love love them!

  3. I bet the guy really was scratching his head with your purchase, but wow what a great idea for them.

  4. He wouldn't recognize them! You amaze me!

  5. I think yard sale guy would be just as amazed at your creativity as I am! Love them!

  6. Wow! These are so great!!!

    Do you think hubby will miss his if I *ahem* "borrowed" it? ;) Probably not...

    I LOVE these! You always blow me away with your outside the box (or in this case, outside the "toolbox") thinking!

  7. I'm blown away and the yard sale guy would be too!!! You're amazing!!!

  8. He would probably be thinking - why did I not think of that. :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Betsy I love this!! I think I would love to make one. Now to find an old cement tool...hummmmmmmmm!!
    hugs, Linda

  10. Awesome transformations Betsy!!!! I have some tools sitting in the "one day I'll get to it" pile LOL I get a chuckle out of the look I get when I pick up odd things, like the guy who sold me the thingies that I used for my Gatherer's skirt :)

    Have a great weekend!!


  11. You need to write a book and call it "What Would Betsy Do". I just don't know how you come up with so many great ideas. It's a gift!

  12. Brilliant as usual! I do believe the guy would be blown away. You should try going back to show what you've done with what you bought and remade. It would be fun to hear about the reactions.

  13. What a great find Betsy! You have such a great eye to find a true treasure in everything you find! LOVE how you transformed this!

  14. He would think, "WOW!" You really have an eye for the good stuff. I think you could turn just about anything into something pretty and useful!

  15. Love these...they turned out great!! I just love your creations.

  16. i could only wish i could have your way of thinking...just a little bit! thank you for all you show!

  17. I scoop up those cement edgers when I see them too. :) LOVE how you embellished yours!!

  18. Fantastic ideas! I would have never thought.

  19. I don't think I would have known a cement edger from a hole in the ground, let alone what to do with one. :-) I think the use of the brass frame edging is brilliant. And how I would love to paw through your bling stash ... I can only imagine!

  20. You come up with the neatest ideas, Betsy! I love the one with the Christmas card on it and the one that's for holding business cards--so pretty!

  21. Hi Betsy! The yard sale guy might think you are fooling him LOL He might not recognize the original rusty cement edgers. If I were in his shoes, I would definitely be amazed with your magical talent.

    Have a great week Betsy!

  22. I love to see how you repurpose treasures. Scrabble letters are so much fun to play with (other that actually playing with them in a game).

  23. Well done. A fabulous repurpose.

  24. Wow that's a very creative upcycle! Love it!

  25. You do cease to amaze me, this is so incredibly clever and rustically beautiful. Thanks for letting me know you liked my Drop Leaf Table!

  26. What an amazingly creative idea! thank you for sharing this.

  27. Oh, I love all of the transformations!! I know I have passed up many of these...Not anymore!


  28. Love that idea! So great! I just found your blog. I will definatly be back for some inspiration. Check out my blog too - I love vintage as well. Thanks!

  29. You are so clever. I wish you were my next-door neighbor!


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