Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Fun

It was great to get away for a few days this weekend to spend some time with my mom, do a little shopping, and a lot of selling at the two day craft show.  I love being able to set up the day before and then walk right in with everything all ready to go the next day.  This was such a welcome change from setting up in a hurry at 3am in the dark.

There's no way I can fit all my jewelry on one six foot table, but these folding wood panels that I've had for ages sure make it easier.  They're a great way to take advantage of the vertical space and they really come in handy for holding my lights.  There was no one set up on the left side of my table, so I was able to fold out one of the panels and sneak in a little extra hanging space.

I controlled myself and only bought four plates of goodies.  At the beginning of the show they had nine of these large tables packed full of tempting home baked taste treats. I can't believe three of plates made it home without being devoured. 

Before setting up for the show on Thursday afternoon we made a quick trip over to
  The Antique Trove.
It's impossible to make it through this entire mall in only 30 minutes, but I was happy to finally use the gift certificate that had been burning a hole in my wallet for months.  The rusty old dust pan will be perfect for hanging on the wall and filling with flowers.  The architectural pieces and spring will be going in my repurposing pile for now.

This fabulous old fittings and tubing metal box is a full 18" deep.  It's definitely a keeper!

It won't take me long to fill the drawers and all these little compartments with bits and pieces of vintage goodies.

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  1. Love your treasures. I have that dust pan in blue and I use almost every time I work out in the shop. But that box is the best. Hope you had a great show.


  2. Your space is one I would be drawn to and I too would have a hard time resisting the plates of treats. You found some great items, I could use a little shopping therapy about now.

  3. Wow, girl! You really crank out the jewelry! Your space looks wonderful!

  4. Your space looks great! Wonderful to see you write "a lot of selling" in your post. Sounds and looks like you had a very successful weekend.

  5. Yes, what a treat to be able to set up the night before, and you did a super job of maximizing you space...You are so smart about displaying!


  6. Gorgeous finds! Your jewelry display is lovely!

  7. Betsy I am glad things went well for you at the Craft fair. You have such wonderful treasures.

  8. Wow, what an awesome display you had; wish I lived closer so I could shop!

    Your treasures are wonderful too; love the dustpan (genius to hang it filled with flowers!) and the cabinet... one cannot have too many cabinets, right? ;)

    Glad you had a successful weekend!

  9. Glad you had a good show and oh my those yummy goodies would have at least been nibbled on before going home with me! Love the dust pan!

    hugs, Linda

  10. So glad to hear that you had a good show. Love your jewelry displays...your space looked wonderful!!
    Oh my goodness...those tables of goodies look so yummy!

  11. So fun to see your jewelry display -- I love your 'ladies' wearing your necklaces. And I'm happy to hear this was an event with set-up the day before. No headlamps required. ;-)

  12. Love your folding displays. You're an inspiration! And that metal chest of drawers, WOW! Using the dustpan as a flower container is genius. Glad you had a good time.

  13. Hi Betsy - Loving that metal box - what a perfect find!!!

    I LOVE doing shows! I enjoy the energy and chatting with people. You're right, it's so nice to spend time the day before to get set-up and just show up the day of the show without being in a panic rush to get set-up. Your table looks fantastic!

    -PaMeLa ;)

  14. Ohhhhhh loving those drawers!!!! Your table looks fabulous Betsy! Next time you are up this way lets make a point of getting together!!!


  15. Hope you had a successful sale. I love the way your display looks. So easy to look at everything. Curious as to what you might do with the spring. I brought home a couple this week-end thinking there's a craft in there somewhere!

  16. Your table looks so nice!!

    and love your new found treasures!
    You know I would have bought those too. =)

    blessings and have a super week.


  17. Your table looks so inviting. I'm glad you had a good show and was able to spend some time with your Mom!!! I love your "new" metal box...You'll be able to store lots of treasures in that one!!!

  18. Be still my heart! So many treasures, but that dustpan is so adorable. Whodathunk we could think a dustpan is cool, but it is! Glad you had a chance to shop as well as sell! Nice!

  19. Betsy your booth looks beautiful! LOVE the set up!Great finds too!

  20. Your booth looked awesome, Betsy! I can see why you sold lots! Love that fabulous metal box!

  21. Wow look at all that pretty jewelry! The box you purchased will be perfect for holding all your bits and bobs.


  22. LOVE that box and happy you got to spend some time with your Mom!

  23. I just love seeing your jewelry on display! I would be like a little kid in a candy shop if I could come to one of your shows! Guess what I bought today....and old fashioned off white rectangle jewelry box. Plain Jane but in such good shape! Do you know what sold me? The key was inside! I'll have room for more jewelry now, too! heehee!

  24. Your booth looks great!! Love your finds...that metal box was meant for you!!

  25. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I always love visiting you here at yours. I will be posting lots of stuff to come in the next few weeks, I mean the items I will sell at the boutique. Oh and I am crazy about your antique hand mirrors. Your shabby jewelry is so special!

  26. Shopping bonding with mom is always the best! Nothing can equate to it. And as for your own goodies, if I were one of the customers, I need tons of self-control to for your beautiful and priceless artworks.

    Btw, I've watched one episode of Today's show, which is aired a bit late in my country. One guest was showing how he transformed a milk carton. For some reason, it was you who entered my mind. Sorry to say, but I believe you can do better than the guest in terms of upcycling and repurposing. I really hope that you'll be featured in a magazine or TV Betsy. I would be one of your proudest fans. :)


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