Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flatware Ornaments and Bud Vases

I've been picking up old tarnished and mismatched flatware from flea markets and yard sales for years; sometimes one piece at a time and sometimes in bulk.  The stainless steel knife blades are too hard for stamping, so most of them have been getting bundled up and resold until I finally figured out a way to repurpose them.

The inside is hollow which makes these light enough to hang on the tree, or to hang around just about anywhere.

I used a hacksaw to cut off the handle from the blade.  Oops, the first cut was too close to the blade, so I had to make a second cut far enough down to expose the hollow handle.

I drilled a small hole about 1/8" from the top, glued some silver glitter around the top to soften the cut, added a jump ring, and tied on a ribbon.

Matte Mod Podge was used to attach the individual letters on the front.

A beaded angel hangs from the jump ring.

~ peace ~
I made the flower charm by flattening the aluminum top of a glass ornament, then I glued a button and lavender rhinestone on top.  I have several more waiting to be decorated for any season or occasion...they make sweet little bud vases too.

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