Monday, December 3, 2012

Folding Ruler Trees

'Tis the season for creating Christmas tree art with my stash of vintage folding rulers. I've been using bits and pieces of folding rulers in small projects throughout the year, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover I still had a good variety of textures and colors left over for some more folding ruler Christmas trees.

I really like the size and shape of this one.  It's only 13" tall and a perfect fit in the stand.

Remember this broken mirror I found at a thrift shop last weekend?  I couldn't get it apart because there were no little pins holding the frame together and the ring around the back was not going to come off.  Time for plan B....

Why not make it a frame?  I placed the tray in a large bag and broke out the glass with a few hammer smacks.  I didn't have any fabric or lace that looked right, so I just painted the thick cardboard and glued the rulers and rhinestone button directly to the cardboard.

This is the folding ruler tree I shared last last December and my inspiration for the others.
Click here to see how easy it was to put together.

Don't you love using supplies you already have?  I didn't care for the dark brown stain on two  8 1/2" diameter wood circles I had stashed away, but a little paint fixed them right up.

All three are now wrapped and ready to put under the Christmas tree....just as soon as I get 
a chance to buy one.

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