Friday, December 7, 2012

Vintage Christmas Shopping Day

What a great day it was on Thursday.  Don't you just love spending quality time with good friends?  Yesterday a few of us met up for lunch and a little vintage retail therapy in the old Niles District in Fremont, Ca.  We were all on tight schedules, but I couldn't leave without taking a tour through My Friends and I, one of my favorite shops in Niles for over 20 years. They were all decked out for the holidays and packed full of vintage and vintage inspired treasures.  I allotted myself about twenty minutes, but I was in there for at least an much to see.

How's your Christmas shopping coming along?  My list is much shorter this year; I'm just about finished except for a few small things for my sons.
Of course, every good vintage shopper deserves her own gifts.  What did I buy?  A pink jewelry box lined with turquoise velvet, vintage post cards, a mini cloche, little metal number tags, and some large cards from a 1961 game.  

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