Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage Ornaments and Boxes

I love vintage ornaments and I love their boxes just about as much.  Could it be the muted colors and interesting graphics?  Or the see-through tops with bright sparkling colors inside?
It has to be all of the above, plus the excitement of the season when they get to come out of hibernation.

A Shiny Brite display room in New York?  I wonder if it's still there....be still my heart!

Grade A eggs or ornaments?

Nine out of ten white bulbs are still in the box.

Made in Occupied Japan and a bargain at 75 cents.

An even better bargain at 19 cents.

The long box of neatly packed mini ornaments belonged to my aunt; it reminds me of a box of See's Candies.

Aren't they sweet?  A few of them have some paint missing, but others look like they've never left the box.

There's nothing special about this large ordinary cardboard box except for the contents. Santa has settled down for a long winter's nap.....

.....while visions of Shiny Brites dance in on his head.

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