Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Finds of 2012

I couldn't let 2012 end without one last junkin' adventure, so I spent a couple of days after Christmas exploring some new-to-me stores and several antique shops that are always fun.

I'll be using this chippy old tray I found at The Red Door in Elk Grove to hold my stash of rhinestone jewelry.  Thanks Marsha (Tattered Chick) for bringing me to this fabulous treasure trove.  Everything else is from the Habitat for Humanity store, an estate sale, and the antique stores.

I have a "thing" for boxes and had to have both of these 22" deep vintage safe deposit boxes as soon as I spotted them at Not Too Shabby in Folsom.   The little black case, heavy silver thingy, and three old burlap sacks were found at the estate sale.

Love the rust and scratches. 
The thinner one was displayed hanging on a wall with the long lid hanging down.  Hard to explain, but I think that's what I'm eventually going to do with it...maybe add some dried flowers.

I thought these school trustee election ballots from 1947 were fun.  They came in a sealed ballot envelope which makes me wonder if they were ever counted.  Oh well, I'm sure Lucile M. Brown won the election since she was the only person running.

My first visit to this huge Habitat for Humanity warehouse in Roseville, Ca was really interesting because I didn't know what to expect.  This place is huge and stuffed full of just about anything you'd need to remodel your home.  Lots of doors, windows, light fixtures, crown molding, tile, etc.  Most everything is slightly used or new, so not much in the way of rusty, chippy, or time worn salvage.  If I had been in the market for crown molding I would have bought it all...6' pieces for $3.00 each.

The store watch dog guarding all that good old junk in the glass case.  Unfortunately it was all for display only!

Rows and rows of hardware, plumbing, appliances, shutters, kitchen gadgets, and furniture.  This store is a great place to find furniture at bargain prices if you're willing to spend a little time fixing it up.

I can't believe this monster is now sitting in my garage.  Yep, another project waiting to happen.  I've been looking for a dresser just this size to fix up and use in my creative space (my fort) for extra storage.  It has great bones, a lot of potential, and plenty of room on top for all the vintage boxes I've been hoarding.

OK, I know it's ugly and it really is a horrible shade of orangy yellow, but it's really well built and will be perfect once I get around to giving it a major face lift.  It's going to be so much fun filling it up with more junk.

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