Monday, January 28, 2013

Roundup of January Finds

I don't think I've been out to more than half a dozen yard sales all month, but I guess that's not too bad considering January has been one of the coldest we've had in years.  When it finally warmed up last week I gathered all my January junkin' finds for a quick photo shoot.  I even managed to give some of this stuff an outdoor bath later in the day:-)

Another shopper was eyeing the scale and walked away.  Huh, I guess it was too rusty for him.  I couldn't pass up 2 1/2 yards of bark cloth even though it is reproduction.

Baby Ben is missing one hand and the glass, but I still love it.  

Stieff pewter creamer and sugar set, Pond's milk glass jar, and the 3-tier shelf they're sitting on.

Zero fan, chippy old light cage fruit picker (thanks Angie), and a galvanized poultry fount from a barn sale.  

Rusty cast iron finial and a very cool "what's it."

I could see these glistening on the table all the way from the street.  Seriously...I was hoping they were exactly what I thought they were!! 

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