Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Tired Dresser Gets a Facelift

Painting this dresser was one project I didn't want to put on the back burner for long.  It was impossible to motivate myself to spend hours out in the freezing cold garage, so in the house it came and up the stairs it went.  I worked on it off and on for a few days from the comfort of a guest room where the paint was able to dry, and I didn't have to worry about developing frostbite even with an open window.

It finally made its way into my work room/office where I finished organizing the drawers
and relocating some of my supplies that have been stashed away in the garage.  The top has already taken on a whole new life and doesn't look this naked.  Oh no, could I be running out
 of room so soon?

A very heavy, six foot long, orangy, well built, but not so pretty dresser I bought right after Christmas at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  I had been looking for a dresser to put in my work room/office, and this one was perfect because of all the storage and the thrifty price tag.

I think it's smiling at me.

I painted it with a combination of Old White and French Linen Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I used clear wax only on the top and frame because I didn't want to alter the color, then I used clear wax with just a small amount of dark wax on the drawers, door, and sides.

I'm not crazy about the original handles, but they'll work until I come across something else in my junking travels.  I am crazy about the beadboard on the sides and front door.

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