Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heavy Metal Junking Finds

I see a metal theme going on here.  As I was rounding up some of my finds from the last couple of weekends,  I realized that the majority of them ranged from light weight aluminum to heavy iron.  Where's all the bling?

This French aluminum canister set has seen better days, but you can still make out part of the writing.  I haven't decided yet if I want to leave them "as is" or put a paper label over the top.  I'm kind of liking them just the way they are.

Three heavy industrial style drawers in need of a good cleaning and a makeover.  I wonder what type of store or workshop they came from.....balls, plastic parts, corks and wax; an interesting combination.

Another galvanized container waits for a makeover while holding the stash of springs I
just had to buy.

Little clay pots are a perfect fit inside the springs.
I didn't realize the old iron grate they're sitting on got lost in the picture.  I'm thinking it needs to be hung horizontally and would be perfect for holding towels or magazines.

I couldn't resist the sweet old metal mini tool box.  The other side opens up to reveal
 two more sections.

How about a Christmas tree ornament as a mini gazing ball?  Those boxes could also be used as shelves, and I'm feeling some inspiration for the rake thingy.   

  Planting these little pots made me anxious for spring.   

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