Friday, February 1, 2013

The What's It

I had a tentative plan for this cast iron "what's it" when I bought it at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  The guy I bought it from said it was used as a kerosene or oil lamp, but the way it was set up seemed a little odd and it still had me curious.

The canister was already a tight fit, so why did it need the little screw to hold it in place?

It took my son's much younger eyes and a good magnifying glass to make out what was stamped on the bottom.  APPL'D FOR; it probably said PATENT on the other side.  Darn, I was hoping for a manufacturers name.

With the wick holder insert removed....

I think I'll use it as a bud vase.  

Or for a less industrial looking version, a glass tube does a good job.
I'm thinking a candle would be another mighty fine option.

The glass tube was a loose fit, so I tightened the screw just enough to hold it in place.

After turning this thing on its side, upside down, and backwards, I came to the conclusion that this sideways version is the way it was originally meant to be used.  This explains the key hole shaped slot and why it was necessary to have that screw to hold the canister in place.  Mystery solved.  Now I'm looking for an old piece of wood to hang it on.

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