Thursday, February 7, 2013

Updated Old Footstool

Trust me, this footstool didn't look anything like this when I purchased it at a yard sale several years ago.  I bought it along with a few others and decided to keep this one for myself because I loved the needlepoint.

It's been sitting under my desk and keeping my feet comfortable for a long time.  Can you tell?

I love chippy wood, but this dark finish just wasn't working for me, so a little update was in order.

I pulled out all the tacks, added some fresh batting, and covered it with a vintage grain sack remnant I bought  from a dealer in Alameda several months ago.

A fresh coat of paint, a little roughing up, and a new cover was all it needed.

Much better now.

Waste not.  
The center portion of the needlepoint was still in good condition and I needed another pincushion.

My new pile of vintage grain sack remnants.
I was out at Alameda Point Antiques Faire again on Sunday and had to make a stop to replenish my grain sack remnant stash.  You're out of luck if you don't get to this dealer's booth first thing in the morning because they get pretty well picked over.  I found twelve pieces ranging in size from 12" - 18" wide and just as long; the largest piece was 3' x 4'.  The best part....each piece was only $1.00!!

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