Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Greetings

Every so often I find myself rummaging through a box of cards and letters that my mom gave me several years ago when she was downsizing.  The box is full of "congratulations on your new baby" cards, birthday cards, Valentine's Day cards, and even report cards from as far back as the first grade.  The report cards from the early years are hilarious, but I have no idea what was up with the B in Arts & Crafts when I was a senior in high school...that was my favorite subject.  Anyway, I couldn't resist sharing these two Happy Easter cards from long ago.

My very first Easter card.  Love those fuzzy yellow jammies.

To 'Betts' from Mommy & Daddy   Easter 1956
Oh my, was it really that long ago?  I could have bleeped it out along with the stain, but what the heck.  I'm just happy to have it after all these years.

Here's another one from my cousin Bernie who was about two years old at the time.


I hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend so far.  Any special plans?  It looks like there's a lot of rain headed our way, so I'm happy we don't have outdoor plans.

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