Monday, May 6, 2013

Everywhere a Sign

I've been playing in my pile of vinyl letters again.  I came across a big box of them at a yard sale last summer and I still have a good stash left over to put more signs together.  I'll just keep on going until I run out of vowels. Yikes, I'm down to my last A now.

The FLEA MARKET sign sold at my antique show a couple of weeks ago, so it's time for another batch.

This time I pulled apart a pallet that had been stashed in my side yard for months.  The letters were the perfect size for these pallet boards with about 1/8" to spare on top and bottom.

I sanded down the rough areas of the boards, then gave them a light white wash with a 50/50 mixture of acrylic paint and water.  I think the wash gives them more of a driftwood look.

I used E6000 glue to attach the letters making sure I applied it only to the black area so it wouldn't show through the clear vinyl.

The last step was to add two saw tooth hangers to the back of each board.
All ready to hang in your home, your shop, or to advertise that barn sale you've always wanted to have.

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  1. Only you could make pallet boards look so good. Love the whitewash effect!!!

  2. pallet boards? Betsy you WOW me!! Hugs,

  3. Superb tips, drab equals fab! I really love the way you 'driftwooded' those boards! And I love that about only gluing the dark areas - that's pretty dang cool.

    Wait, what are you going to write with that last A?

  4. Awesome... love that E6000! I was wondering how the heck you adhered them! They look so good Betsy.

  5. Fabulous!! I love E6000. You are amazing.
    Happy Creating, CM

  6. I love the white washed look! Great way to use those vinyl letters!

    hugs, Linda

  7. would love a "crafty goodies" one ~ would it cost and arm and a leg:):)

  8. You are so clever! These signs are simply awesome!!

  9. I still love those letters. They are even better turned into signs! Nicely done.

  10. I love them..You sure have gotten your moneys worth out of those letters!


  11. You did good - like them a lot, and a good idea putting the glue behind the black only. I need a good dose of your creativity.
    Enjoy your evening.

  12. Those letters were a real score, just look at how much mileage you are getting out of them. Your customers are going to gobble these up!

  13. I have now amassed a few hundred of these letters and ready for project ideas. I will be pinning this one. I have thought about the vowel problem - they seem to sell faster than the consonants!

  14. Those are awesome! I can never think of cute sayings to make on my signs - love your Mercantile one!

  15. Looks like I need to get some E6000...can't believe that I have purchased some...oh well. The wash does look like driftwood. Thanks for sharing these cute signs at NTT.


  16. This really is the best idea...just love the look!

  17. Cute signs. Don't you wish when they made those, they would have made a lot more of the vowels? I got a set of letters in the scrapbooking store the other day and there were 2 a's. Now, anyone knows you need more than 2 a's to do anything.

    Have a great day.



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