Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Bits of Treasures

When I'm out treasure hunting at antique shows, yards sales, and flea markets, I often times find myself thinking outside my own "focus list."  I've been keeping a list in my overloaded brain for special treasures friends and family are looking for, and it's so much fun when I find something someone else can enjoy.  I'm always amazed with the sharing and generosity between blogging friends and how we keep each other in mind when we come across something special.

I was thrilled when Sherry from Back 2 Vintage asked me if I was interested in some
 broken watches and bracelets to use in my jewelry creations.  Heck yeah!!

These are a few of the pieces I came up with so far when I incorporated Sherry's bits
 and pieces with parts from my own stash.  
One of the gears was combined with a filigree and pocket watch face to create this brooch .  There's a bail attached to the pin so it can also be worn as a necklace. 

Gears, faces, filigrees, birds, and crystals.

A magnet was added to the back of this one.

The gear from the watch with a band combined with an identical gear from my stash.  I attached them to decorative filigrees and added little Swarovski crystals for some extra sparkle. 

I removed the glass and watch gears, then glued a hand painted porcelain button and antiqued brass filigree directly to the watch case.  The large shank on the button fits inside the watch case.  This one reminds me of a wrist corsage. 

I was equally excited when Denise from Pink Postcard asked me if I was interested in
a broken watch she had.
 I FINALLY figured out what to do with this gorgeous watch face Denise sent me ages
ago.  I was on a roll with the other watch parts while in the middle of a silverware stamping marathon when inspiration hit.  A perfect combination and a keeper!

Thank you Denise and Sherry!!!

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