Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday's Treasures

I went out to three yards sales early Friday morning and was feeling a bit frustrated after finding nothing at the first two.  Have no fear, the third one was a charm.  

It was a parking lot sale where several vendors from a nearby store were selling their treasures.  My kind of sale!  I love the yellow paint on that old cabinet door and the weathered wood on the stool.  The foil/plastic wrap dispenser isn't long enough to hold the newer rolls, but it's perfect for paper towels.

Not one, but two of these Billy's delicious bretzels (pretzels) tins.  Non lye dipped...good to know.

I grabbed all the rusty metal stuff and started a pile.

Forgot to get a picture of the inside, it looks brand new.

No yard sale is complete without an ugly vanity bench with a shiny
gold cushion.

Isn't this the sweetest table top flower bed?  It didn't matter to me that the piece around the top fleur de lis was missing.  Even the flower pots were included.

Just the right amount of chippy paint.

When it finally cools off around here I'll put plants in the pots, and the vanity bench will be getting a much needed makeover.  Everything else is good to go...rust, chippy paint and all.
 I almost forgot to mention the 6 1/2 foot doors in the background.  Those were a $2 yard sale find a while back.

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