Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Boxes

I love vintage storage boxes!  There's just something about all the little drawers and compartments that always put a big smile on my face.  When I discovered another one of these little metal boxes at an antique show a few weeks ago, I looked right past the rust and dirty interior.  

I love a little rust, but the grime had to go.  After a good cleaning, I stenciled numbers on the drawers, then sprayed the whole thing with satin acrylic sealer.  

Still rusty, but clean.  

Another fun find on the same day was this home grown storage shelf complete with nine
 rusty old metal boxes.  

Seven of the nine boxes came with adjustable dividers.  Perfect for storing all kinds of trinkets and treasures.....after they get a bath.

  How did this one get in with the bunch?  

Two coats of paint and a little distressing brightened it up without taking away its
 rustic charm. 

It's a good thing the shelves slipped right out because I wasn't about to paint them.  The numbers were simply stamped on with my vintage Print Craft stamp set.

 The small shelf on the bottom needed a number too.

Both of these and the little boxes will be coming with me to The Owl Box Vintage Market in Tracy on Saturday.  I wish I had room in my fort for another box, but then I'd have to buy more stuff to fill up all the compartments; I guess that's not such a bad idea though.  Now I'm on the fence about the big box.

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