Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ten Minute Bench Makeover

Don't you just love quickie projects?  Ten minutes is all it took to spiffy up a dated vanity bench that I bought at a parking lot sale.

Last month I had two people at the same show ask me if I had any Union Jack
treasures; I stored that request in the back of my mind.

Remember this I Dream of Jeannie/Aladdin-ish vanity stool I found at a parking lot sale
 last month?

This wasn't my original plan, but it took a fraction of the time and sometimes you just have to go with quick and easy.  Besides, I didn't want to say "no" if I had another Union Jack request.

How perfect is this for size?  I used the down pillow that was originally inside the Union Jack slip cover for another project a long time ago, then stashed the cover away hoping I'd be able to use it for something else. 

A zip and a tuck.  Bye-bye gold.

It took longer for the big box hardware store to unlock the spray paint case than it
 took me to do this makeover.

I'm happy to say that it sold at the Vintage Market last weekend.
I sure didn't need to be packing up a lot of merchandise at the end of the day.  It was so darn hot on Saturday, but we had a good time and it was right here in Tracy.  You can click here to see the pictures I posted on Facebook a few days ago.

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