Monday, August 5, 2013

Fun with Hangers and a Rubber Stamp

I consider myself a novice when it comes to creating anything with a rubber stamp.  My collection includes eight stamps and two ink pads that spend most of their time buried away in a little drawer.  They may be out of sight and lonely, but I know where to find them when inspiration hits.

I've been wanting to do something with my unmarked wooden hangers, so out came the
 paint and my favorite stamp. 

I found this large Stampendous Carte Postale rubber stamp at Michaels several months ago and bought it just because I liked it, not because I had any plans for it.

I painted the hangers, distressed them just a little, then stamped both sides using different areas of the stamp.  A coat of matte acrylic sealer makes the stamping pop out and also helps to protect clothing.

When I decided to change out my jewelry cards a few months ago, the Carte Postale stamp came to the rescue.  I wanted a little pattern on the cards, but not something that would overwhelm the earrings.  I used a paper cutter to cut dozens of strips of card stock, folded them in just the right places, trimmed them, then stamped away.  It took a little time, but it was a good way to get the exact size I needed and to keep my costs down.  Schmancy bags for customer jewelry purchases can get real expensive, so I just use this stamp and a few others
to decorate plain lunch bags.

This is another project I've been wanting to try using hangers and old sewing patterns.  I tore the pattern pieces into small strips and simply decoupaged them on with matte Mod Podge.  When the hangers were dry, I brushed on one more coat of Mod Podge for protection.

For another hanger transformation using wire hangers and old linens, you can click here to see my post and tutorial from July 2011.

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