Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trash to Treasure Photo Display

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this old baker's rack shelf when I spotted it at an antique show last month.  It was stacked in a pile with a bunch of others, so after some digging and careful examination I chose this one to come home with me.

Darn, why didn't I buy more than one?

This is after I cleaned it up and sprayed it with a couple of coats of matte sealer.  Years of
labor in an industrial kitchen left it with this fabulous "baked on finish."

The shelf by itself would be a fun way to display photos, but the addition of the jute
webbing (*affiliate link) gives it some texture and a pop of color. 

I drilled two holes in the top of the rack, doubled the twine, twisted it, thread it through the holes, then tied it in a knot.  To keep the webbing in place, I used a little E6000 on each end.

Perfect for photos, cards, memos, and even jewelry!!

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