Friday, October 4, 2013

Found Treasures and Giveaway Winner

I had such high hopes for a huge score at a 7:00 am church rummage sale last Saturday, but it turned out to be nothing like the last one they had; not even close.  Oh well, at least I was lucky enough to clean them out last year.  I didn't lose sleep over nothing because there were a few other early bird sales on my list that sounded promising.

I'm going to clean these up a little and then leave them just the way they are. I tested them and they held me without collapsing.  My back thanks them.

I wish I had asked the man I bought them from about their history, but he was so busy and I was in a hurry to get to the next sale.  I'll take a guess that some good old boys had their own chairs at the meeting hall. 

This heavy cast iron planter has just the right amount of rust on it.  

Six enamel and metal pots for planting or for holding collectible treasures.

Love this 24" x 27" antique frame, but I'm not loving the "too clean" paint job.  Hopefully I'll have time to paint it and rough it up a bit before taking to my antique show next weekend.

This firkin is huge....16" wide at the bottom.  I think it's perfect for a big bunch of dried hydrangeas or some fall foliage.  I actually bought this several weeks ago and just rediscovered it last weekend.  My garage is a mess!!

This rusty old metal shelf was found covered in dirt and full of dead potted plants.  It was well worth the time it took to clean out all the leaves and twigs that were stuck under the mesh shelves.  

Even the daisies are rusty. 

The best part:  it folds flat for easy transport when I go to the shows.  I'll have to test it out and see just how much junk I'm able to load on it.  It's a keeper for now.

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