Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pleasanton Antique Faire

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on Sunday.  The weather was perfect once the sun came up, there was no wind, and no moisture in the air to make a mess of my jewelry cards. Even though the morning was off to a slower than usual start, it was a successful day and I was crazy busy right up until closing time.

Just in case shoppers didn't know.

This is one of the two cabinet doors I salvaged from an antique dry sink cabinet several months ago; now it's a fun place to hang keys.  You can see what I did with the rest of the cabinet here.

I really like the rust and scratches on this old filing bin, but it needed a little something else.  Mod Podge and burlap to the rescue.  I figured out that it was much easier to brush the surface of what I was covering with Mod Podge because brushing it directly on the burlap caused it to fray even more.

Loaf pans big and small.

I sold several old wood hangers that I decorated with song titles from vintage sheet music and photos. That wrinkled canopy wall belongs to the vendor behind me.  Just saying.

Someone always wants to buy the business card holder I made last year from an old cement edger, door hardware, and rhinestones.  It's a keeper because it's so heavy and keeps my cards from blowing all over.

More burlap and galvanized buckets.

I sold loads of decorated bottles...

and bunches of stamped silverware.

Look how far out my table is on the right side compared to the booth behind me.  It's a good thing there's always a wide aisle on that end because I brought the wrong tables and had no choice but to be a space hog.  It was an accident; really it was.

Remember Dracula and his bride from this post?  It's subtle, but I covered them with some faux spider webs (the webs look much heavier in person), added a little black crow, then placed them in a floral frog.  

Nana wears brooches made from vintage buttons, keys, and watch parts.

The ladies are showing off their necklaces.

I want to thank my hard working youngest son Scott for coming over the night before to help me load my truck, unload, set up, stand in line for an hour with three of my treasures for a free appraisal, tear down, reload, and unload.  My back thanks you too:-)  I couldn't have done it without you.

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  1. Sounds and looks like you had a great sale! Glad you son was able to help out.

  2. Oh, what fun items. I love the cabinet door turned into a key holder and your burlap items.

    Glad you had a great day at your sale.

  3. Easy to see why you had such a successful day, your hard work and long hours paid off!!! The wares for sale are just wonderful.

  4. Lots of wonderful goodies for sale, I love your unique way of displaying your gorgeous necklaces! And that Dracula photo is great! What a great son you have! Hugs and Happy week! xo

  5. Betsy- What wonderful treasures. Great pictures and I love all the "stuff". I love the decorated bottles- xo Diana

  6. Sounds like a perfect day! I bet that portion controller has a certain Magpie swooning since it fits right in with her Halloween decorating style. I would buy it just for the dial!!

  7. I really love the burlap on the baking pans...great idea! I always enjoy seeing your set ups!

  8. I love love love the decorated bottles! And the necklaces are always little works of art! Everything looks wonderful! I didn't even read as much...too buy looking at your pics! heehee!

  9. Too busy! I better go back and read what I've written at least! hahaha!

  10. Your booth looks amazing Betsy!What a cute and cleaver card hold,I can see why everyone wants to by it!

  11. So glad to hear your sale went well... not that I ever doubted it wouldn't... wish I lived closer as I spotted a few things I would have loved to pick up!

  12. I love your displays and I too would ask about the card holder. Everything looks so great!

  13. Looks like a great sale! Love all your pieces, especially your business card holder. I'd be asking to buy it too.

  14. I loved seeing this! It looks like it was such a great time -- you know I would've loved to have been there. What a sweet son you have!

  15. Very nice set up. And I'm glad you had some help. That's a lot of hard work.

  16. Betsy...I love your card holder. My hubby made me one many years ago, but after seeing yours...I'm thinking I might put some bling on mine.
    Everything looks great...so glad you had a good show.

  17. I just love your work...the loaf pans are such a neat idea, and I love the necklace display.
    Such a great set-up and how nice to have someone to help you with it too!

  18. It was so nice to see you Betsy and to meet your wonderful son Scott and your sister too!

    Your booth looked fabulous as always :)


  19. Your booth looks amazing!! Love your little card holder...I would want to buy that too :)

  20. I really like seeing those necklaces over the old vintage ladies pictures

  21. Betsy, each on of your treasures deserves a blog post! I love the bins and tins and all of the photo's ...even Dracula, your jewelry is gorgeous as always, so unique. Yep, people love bottles! I was so glad to hear that wrinkled back ground was not yours lol! I would have been so disappointed in you! and I am thrilled that you had help...It is just to much work to do by yourself


  22. Everything looks fantastic! I was just thinking "Oh! I want that card holder!" when I read that you're not selling it-ha! :)

  23. You had so many treasures to choose from that I can understand why you were busy up to the end. I love the aqua typewriter and that frame with the folding ruler parts inside is really quite clever. The photo ladies also look lovely wearing your pretty jewelry. Glad you had a good show and kudos to Scott for helping Mom!!!

  24. It looks so great to see all your creations together like this. Beautiful displays.

  25. So glad you had a good day. Great treasures. I think my favorites are the ladies in the last photo with the necklaces. Great display idea.

  26. Hi Betsy, I'm glad to hear that you had such a wonderful and successful day. You've had lots of great things for sale and I'm sure your customers were very happy. How sweet of your son to help you with so many things.
    Have a great weekend!

  27. I had the opportunity to nominate some of my favourite blogs and you are one of them, Please enter in my blog to pick up the prize.

  28. I had the opportunity to nominate some of my favourite blogs and you are one of them, Please enter in my blog to pick up the prize.

  29. In my head this show commences the start of the summer antiques season. Thusly, need a crisp exhibit of merchandise on parade that merchants have been holding up to display. You will spot furniture in a mixture of styles, gems, watches and many more stuff...

  30. Betsy,
    Your booth was full of some man wonderful treasures...just waiting for all those customers. Your idea of using those old pics to display your necklaces...was super "cool"!!



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