Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Generation of Pumpkins with Attitude

They're back with new attitudes and new faces.  My fall decorating just wouldn't be complete without creating a new generation of pumpkins with attitude.  I'm so far behind this year, but at least we still have a few weeks to enjoy it all before bringing out the Christmas decor.

Looking cute with their tarnished silver bodies, short little legs, and that hands-on-hips
 sassy attitude. 

Here's the trio from last year.  Even though I didn't expect any of them to survive the rest of the winter or the heat of my garage in the summer, I stored them away in a sealed box right after Thanksgiving.  What a shock when I opened the box.  The poor thing on the right really wasn't there at all, almost completely gone with her parts at the bottom of the box.  The sole survivor was the sassy gal in the middle.

Not bad for spending a year sealed away in a box.  The body switch made her look like she put on a few pounds, but her face sure held up.  Good genes.

My favorite pumpkin head from last year emerged with a few issues.....
Who you lookin' at?
Poor thing didn't age so well.  I think it's a little too late for an eyebrow lift, a nose job,
 or lip injections.  Bad genes or a rough life style?

One of the new kids on the block.

What's not to love about a pumpkin with wine glass and wine bottle earrings?

Gourdie looks ready to belt out a song.

What's not to love about a gourd with a nose ring?

We'll enjoy the new generation until after Thanksgiving, then I think I'll bag up their parts and save them for next year.  I don't need any more surprises when they come out of storage.

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