Saturday, November 30, 2013

Noel Vintage Holiday Market

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  Even though we did it small this year, we still have enough turkey left over for several more sandwiches, but the pie and all the side dishes are long gone. We were blessed with gorgeous weather all week long including last weekend for the Noel Vintage Holiday Market.  The show was held indoors at the Placer County Fairgrounds on Friday evening and all day on Saturday, so we had plenty of time to set up before the opening bell on Friday.

This is the lounge that greeted customers as they walked in the front doors.  A perfect spot to rest your weary feet and chat with friends.

I couldn't believe the amount of natural light we had, I was tempted to put on my sunglasses when I arrived Saturday morning.

One of my favorite dress forms found a new home.  Her base is made from a vintage lamp; I think the lady who bought her might have plans to wire her up.

Most of my rusty stuff is gone including this ladder and stenciled ammunition box.

I'm having seller's remorse about letting my Tonka Ramp Hoist go, but I can't keep everything.

They were priced separately, but the same lady bought the set of six silver goblets and the mirrored tray.

Thanks to all my clever blogging friends (from this post) for the idea of using a ribbon to secure the wire cloche to the pedestal silver base.  Everything remained intact even when I wrapped it up for a customer.  

My mom's jeweled wreaths went to good homes.

The small silver trays and muffin pans disappeared along with the repurposed light fixture/spring tree.  I had to keep adding silver to the picket fence box, yes!

Let's take a walk around the room.....

Vendors were spread out on the stage too.  I wish I had a picture of every booth in the room, but so many were still setting up when I went exploring.

I'm definitely looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Lots of things on my "to do" list this weekend and next week.  I need to get all my stuff priced and set up in the store for the Paris Flea Market opening Thursday through Sunday.  I sold so much jewelry, so I'll be working on  replenishing my inventory for Holidays in the Vineyards at Big White House Winery on Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully I'll find time in the middle of the night to clean my house for my good friends who will be staying with us and selling next to me at the winery.  I'm really going to need wine by then!!

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  1. We are still on Thanksgiving in snowy Colorado with our Son and family. It is a winter wonderland and now I'm so EXCITED for the next few weeks. I love the red truck--I have a brown one filled with white bottle brush trees in the bed. Glad you had such a successful sale.

  2. Your booth looked fantastic, Betsy. Of course you had a great show.

  3. Who would not want to buy everything you had? The tiny spring Xmas tree?!?!!! I love your mom's wreathes, wow! And the little picket fence is just a perfect way to make odd items look cohesive. Looks like a fab event.

  4. There's so much to see....I keep scrolling up and down to look again. I have a little red ladder...what a cute way to display it! Of course I would spend all of my money on your jewelry! heehee! Enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs!

  5. First of have a LOVELY blog! Just love it!
    So many beautiful thing´s...I could buy everything!
    Take care, have a great weekend,

  6. Oh wow, I could just stay and play and look and smile and enjoy all of this all day (and buy too!). It looks beautiful, I just wish we had something like this where I live.

  7. Wow! Your booth really looked nice, and lots of eye candy. Glad to hear you did so well, and hope you do a repeat business on the next one. Tying the cloche down with ribbon was a good idea.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Betsy it is easy to see how and why you sell so much. Your attention to detail and your clever merchandising are both key. Sorry to have missed this wonderful venue. Creative Joy...

  9. Thank you for sharing the fun. I just love seeing all the ideas people come up with!
    Don't stay up too late cleaning. Good friends are like family and know that everything isn't perfect every minute and they love you anyway!

  10. I could look at this stuff all day, Betsy! Your booth looked fab -- and so did the others -- what a fun sale. You will be busy the next few weeks! I wish I could hop on a plane for that winery show, that's for sure!

  11. Betsy it looks like it was a great show. So glad you did well. I love everything! I'm still waiting for you to make some earring using that pink jewelry you found awhile back. Oh the Paris market sounds fabulous too!

  12. OMG, I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven if there was ever such a market around here. Congratulations on having a good show with lots of purchases!

  13. It sounds like you had a great show. Congratulations!

  14. Oh I would have loved to attend this event...the displays are wonderful!

  15. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! I wish you were nearby, I would have bought that mannequin myself. LMK if you ever find another, please!

  16. I would have loved to come shop this event!! Looks so lovely!! And your booth was soo cute!! :) Happy December 1st! xo Holly

  17. Everything looked so wonderful! So glad you had a good sale. And it sounds like you will be REALLY busy! Good luck on the next sales.

  18. Your boot looked amazing, Betsy!!!

    Wow, you must be tired with all these events!?!?!?!

    Hope you have a great week, the weather is supposed to turn chilly :)


  19. Glad you had a good show and thanks for the walking photo tour...lots of ideas to mull over, everything is so festive and pretty. Get some rest...and good luck with the coming shows!!!

  20. I just want to walk right into those pictures and start shopping! Awesome treasures abound.... *sigh* Wish I were closer!

  21. I saw so many things I liked at that show. It is a good thing I wasn't there to spend money.

    I found our silver goblets from our wedding 42 1/2 years ago and boy are they tarnished. I left them tarnished for our Thanksgiving table. Now I guess I should clean them up.

  22. Your booth looks fantastic! Love the ammunition box! Glad it was a success :)

  23. What a great many great booths! I'm glad you did so well, but I know it makes life busy getting ready for the next show! I hope you and your friend do GREAT at the next show!!!

  24. just beautiful..would shop there forsure(:)
    if I lived near

  25. Whoa... everything looks fabulous! What a fun event!

  26. Hello Betsy,
    Your space was full of so many wonderful goodies...I see why you sold so much. I really hate that we live so far apart:(



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