Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tape Measure Tree and More

I finished up a few more projects that will be coming with me to the Noel Vintage Holiday Market this weekend.  It was too dark in the house yesterday to take pictures because of the dark sky and approaching storm, but I did manage to get a few quick pics while dodging raindrops out in my yard.

I finally figured out what to do with the stash of tape measures I picked up at a yard sale
 for next to nothing.  With the help of some old scissors, teeny tiny screws, a yardstick, and rhinestone earrings, these whimsical trees were born.

I was going to glue the tape measure branches to a piece of wood or old cabinet door just like my folding yardstick tree from a couple of years ago, but I couldn't find one the right size.  Inspiration hit when I saw the tree Laurel from Chipping with Charm made from old crates and a yardstick.

I used the other half of the yardstick for tree #2.  This project would have gone a lot faster if my staple gun was strong enough to penetrate the tape measures.  I used the tiny screws because I didn't have nails small enough and I didn't want to risk splitting the wood.  I'm sure some heavy duty glue would be good enough if it was going right up on my own wall.

A little glue holds the hook in place.

My trees are packed up and ready to return to the same area where I found the yardstick.

This small section of industrial equipment was found at a local antique show.  I added
some burlap to the rusty metal compartments for a little texture and interest.

Just enough room for a baby pine cone,

a Christmas tree,

and a little glass star ornament.

There was just enough time to get one last shot of this old mop bucket before it started to pour.  I glued jute webbing all the way around and added three mini chalkboards.  Oh JOY!

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