Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Rusty Pair of Roller Skates

I'm always looking for unique ways to display my business cards while I'm at an antique or craft show.  I like to have my cards displayed in a couple of different places around my booth, and usually have an extra repurposed holder available just in case someone insists on buying one of them.  This quick and easy business card holder was made from one of the rusty old roller skates I bought at an antique show last month.

Repurposed rusty old roller skate card holder.
It will be perfect just as long as my table is level or a gust of wind doesn't blow through.

repurposed window lock
I searched through a drawer of miscellaneous junk and came up with one of these sliding window locks for holding the cards.

rusty roller skate
A dab of E6000 holds it right in place.  I also shot each skate with some clear matte acrylic spray to seal in the rust.

use an old roller skate as a picture holder
Rolling right along, the twin skate becomes a picture holder with the help of some vintage rhinestone jewelry and stick-on magnets.  I borrowed the Olympic hopefuls from the rusty fence picture holder I posted about last week.  It was meant to be.

upcycled roller skate
 A little bling on top.....

Upcycled vintage roller skate.
and a little bling on the bottom.

repurposed roller skate
I don't think you'd get too far, but it's a fun way to display a vintage game card.

vintage roller skates
These will adjust up to 2" longer to accommodate a larger picture, plant, votive candle, or even a longer foot desperate for a quick getaway.

repurposed roller skates
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  1. Fabulous! You're right, you'd better have back-ups because these babies are going to sell! Too funny about the wind, I can relate!

  2. I just love old rusty....I had a pair like that once but they didn't have that patina! :)

  3. So cute and fun!! You always think of the cutest ways for displaying things!! Happy Thursday! xo Holly

  4. Oh my goodness! I swear we had those growing up in Brooklyn. They were definitely an experience! ;) I'm shocked none of us ever broke our ankles. Love how you are using them!


  5. I would not be surprised if my roller skates are still hiding somewhere in my parents' garage. I would never have thought to use them as picture holders.

    Another wonderful idea.

    I did not make it to the Flea Market this week and next week we are on vacation. I just discovered that it is every Wednesday at our fairgrounds, but I have yet to visit.

  6. Ermagersh, those are so cool! Who ever woulda thunk to do this but you? I am never going to pass up an old skate at a thrift store again!

  7. These are both so cute! Love the rusty skate and the bling!! Yep, these will be sold before you know it!

  8. You always have such cool ideas, Betsy. The skates are wonderful to display your business cards and also make a great picture holder.
    Have a junk filled weekend :)!

  9. Amazingly creative, Betsy! And the photo to go along with it - perfect! I think you might need a back-up for your business cards.... Have a great weekend! xo Karen

  10. What a clever, creative idea! Love how you give new life to the old and rusty. Wonder if a few rhinestones would work for me? Ha!

  11. I just love these ideas, Betsy...and the game card is such whimsy with the skate...

  12. It's so funny to see rusty antiques like this when I remember so well getting a brand new pair for Christmas...just a few years ago! haha! Love the bling of course! Hugs!

  13. Kewl!!! I've seen them with a small box glued on! Be cute to hold condiments or other assorted goodies!!!!

    Yay for the rain!!! Did you get much your way? It wasn't that much here but it was RAIN!


  14. Love what you did with the skates! Yep! Used to have a pair or 2 of those. :) Love the touches of bling!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. Sooo Sweet!!! Very Creative, Love them both!


  16. FANTASTIC!!! Oh this is so cute, I love both the ideas. And you know~~~there going to skate right out of your booth. Glad you're getting the rain, we've been trying to catch up also.

  17. BETSY....yes I was yelling...I can't believe how creative you are...These ideas just keep popping out of your brain...Love them


  18. Love all the business card holders that you have creative!!

  19. I think the inside of your head must be bruised from all the ideas bouncing around. Good golly!

  20. Where do you come up with these ideas?!? I think they must be downloaded to your brain while you sleep! :) Such a fun, fun, idea!

  21. I continue to be amazed with your creative ideas. Love them both!!

  22. Rusty skates - a delightful way to display your cards and vintage photos - love this idea!

  23. So in LOVE with your roller skate biz card holder! I'm including your project as a highlight in my newsletter on Sunday night! :) Thanks for linking up!

  24. Great use of the old skates! I have a pair of Bruce's old skates….complete with the key (luckily his mom kept everything). I think I'll display one his childhood pics on one of the skates. Thanks for the great idea.

  25. You were so lucky to have a picture of a roller skating couple to display! Love the bling!

  26. Love, love, love these!! So fun and creative :)

  27. As usual, you hit it out of the park! What a fantastic idea; so very cool Betsy. I would love to go antiquing with you; your insight is amazing!


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