Thursday, March 27, 2014

A New Life for an Old Sewing Machine Cabinet

I'm not one to pass up free furniture, so when my sister offered me two old sewing machine cabinets she had been storing in her garage for years, how could I resist?  One cabinet was in decent shape and is getting a paint job; the other one was a different story.

One side, the top, and two pieces from the front were all I was able to salvage from this poor cabinet that had seen better days.  I was anxious to get started on it and didn't get a picture before the deconstruction.

It was brought back to life with the help of CeCe Caldwell's Seattle Mist and Vintage White paint, wallpaper, glue, and two vintage glass door knobs.

Much better!  I glued and nailed the small piece from the front of the cabinet to the top of the salvaged side for an instant shelf.   

The raised design in the center is nothing more than embossed wallpaper.  I cut out a shape from a much larger piece, wet the back, then pressed it in place.  

After the first coat of paint dried, I worked in small sections and painted on good ol' Elmer's glue in random areas.  To achieve the cracks, I went over it with a second coat of paint before the glue dried completely.  I'm too impatient to watch paint dry, so I used a hair dryer to speed up the process while I watched the cracks magically appear.

Ready for hanging with a couple of hooks and wire.  I have no idea why I painted the back.

Where were all my nice towels when I needed them?  There's about a 1 1/2" gap between the wall and cross bar.....plenty of room for a towel or some pretty vintage linens.

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