Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paint Brush Pals

Before tossing your old and worn out paint brushes you might want to take a closer look at them.  Rock hard bristles, multiple colors and layers of dried paint, stray bristles, or even new brushes can be perfect candidates for a little makeover.

Imagine all the furniture and rooms they helped beautify back in their younger years.  It's great to be retired now.

So nice to be able to sit in a pot of flowers all day.

Or hang around on a wall with the help of a glue-on hanger.

Watch face and blue rhinestone eyes, rhinestone eyebrows, mother of pearl buckle mouth, hook fastener nose, eye screw and jumpring earrings, pearl necklace, and a pink satin rosette for her thick black hair.

She's looks wide awake with those typewriter key eyes and mouth made from part of a belt.  She has a button nose, rhinestone eyebrows, eye screw and rhinestone bead earrings, flattened bead cap hair accessory, and a black tulle bow around her neck.

This is an older photo of the first three I made in 2009.  I love the one on the right with her gray roots showing.

Best friends.  

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