Monday, June 30, 2014

Boxes and Bags of Vintage Lace

Look what Mr. MST brought home for me.  Well, before you give him too much credit, I have to say that he was just the delivery man.  He wouldn't dare drop two huge garbage bags in the middle of the kitchen floor unless he was certain I'd be happy about it, and I was!  He spent the day with his sister and she sent him home with two huge garbage bags full of vintage lace, trim, buttons, and fabric that had belonged to their aunt.  I posted about the other vintage lace she gave me and the Christmas tree I made with some of it here. I ended up giving her the tree for Christmas, now she wants me to make another one for her daughter in return for all of this lace.  Heck, I'll make one for both daughters.  I think I got the good end of this deal!!

The lid to this box was marked Pink Silks.

Even the envelope buried in the fabric is pink.

I couldn't believe what I was pulling out of those bags.  Yards and yards of gorgeous trim and dozens of large and small applique pieces.

I love the details on this ornate piece. 

One of the boxes was stuffed full of lace that had been wrapped around cards.

Looks like just about any kind of card would do.  Toot Toot, greeting cards, invitations, and cut up cereal boxes.

This is about half of the loose and tangled lace I attempted to sort through.  I had no idea how time consuming this was going to be, so the rest will just have to wait.

These pieces were also neatly wrapped in a separate box.

Bits and pieces of colored trim and doilies too.

It looks like most of these larger pieces were salvaged from old clothes and lingerie.  A few pieces of homemade doll clothes were found in a brown paper bag.  I didn't photograph all the fabric, packages of zippers, seam binding, thread, rick rack, and ribbon.  

A broken pearl necklace, little heart charms, and a strange devilish ceramic figurine with horns were wrapped up in this homemade paper towel pattern.

Last but not least was a baggie full of vintage rhinestone button candy.

Oh, one more thing.  This has nothing to do with a bag full of lace, but.....I just wanted to share a page from the latest Summer edition of Jewelry Affaire Magazine.  I'm honored to have my mother of pearl button earrings featured in the Among Nature section.  The light blue background they were photographed on (looks better in the magazine) gives them a beachy summer feel.  I submitted them attached to the shells and was so happy to see they used them in the photo.  

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  1. Girl, I know you were in heaven going thru all of this...I would have been. So much beautiful lace to work with and those buttons are awesome!!! Looking forward to seeing the projects from all of this loot. Congrats on the feature!!!


  2. Wow, the shell earring photo looks incredible. I bet they opened your submission and freaked out "This woman is brilliant, we are SO using those shells!" What a haul, Betsy! I have to say I am completely mystified by the toot toot. And that little guy is way too cute to be a devil, he must be an imp or something.

  3. What a wonderful gift! I went back to look at your tree and it is stunning! I have seen that devilish creature somewhere before, in my childhood I think, so it's old, vintage. Your earrings are gorgeous. Congrats on the publication!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  4. Congrats on being published AGAIN!!! And Congrats to Mr. MST for scoring some serious brownie points! What a haul he made!!! Woo Woo and Toot Toot!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! You are in lace heaven. Gorgeous stuff and I know you will make good use of it. Love the earrings and once again Bravo to your talent!

  6. That bag of bits & pieces? I. Die. Love it all! What an amazing gift. Congrats on seeing your beautiful jewelry on the pages of a magazine -- the photo is really lovely, especially with the shells. Perhaps you have another hat to wear as a jewelry photo stylist. :)

  7. Wow! Bet your wheels were just spinning thinking about what all you could create from that beautiful stash of lace, and bling. Congratulations on being published - I can see why they picked yours.
    Sounds like you had Christmas in June.LOL

  8. Hot as you know what here too. I love, love, love the treasures. The laces are gorgeous!

  9. Oh my! I bet you had such fun sorting through all the bags and boxes of treasures! You got some lovely things and I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Have fun creating...:)

    Blessings, Vicky

  10. What a wonderful collection of vintage laces! I know you will put it to good use. Can you share a picture of the Christmas tree you made with lace? I somehow missed that.

    Nice SIL!

  11. Betsy,
    You are going to be able to creative some beautiful things with all that lace. How awesome to receive all of that. Congrats on your earrings being featured.

  12. What a beautiful gift! Looks like a lifetime stash - how wonderful. I can imagine your creative wheels turning! The buttons are great. Can't wait to see all your ideas! Congrats on being published - the earrings are charming. xo Karen

  13. Isn't it nice to share your loot with people who both appreciate and envy your luck/good fortune?

    That was a fantastic haul.

    I noticed your awesome earrings in the Jewelry Affaire issue already... I thought your shell displays were inspiring....

    Have a great week-


  14. How fun to look at your new treasures...Brooke is right on mentioning how nice it is to share with others with the same mind set. I went back to check on your tree and I am inspired, especially to use a tomato tower so it can be lit-brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh, and using shells to display your earrings? Wonderfully clever, I am so, so going to use that! Thanks for the gift of your creativity.

  15. Lace and button envy here. You sure did get the best part of the deal. All that tatting, oh my!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS,FRIEND! Those earrings are tres beautiful and so deserve to be featured! As for the lace, well, heck....I was speechless. So many projects started running through my mind when I saw all of it. I can't wait to see how you use it!
    xo Kathleen

  17. Such a great variety of vintage laces and other treasures. Love those buttons. Congratulations on your most recent publication.

  18. Wonderful treasures! Waiting to see what you will do with all that lace. Love your tree, too.
    Have gun creating!

  19. Congrats on the earrings being featured! Oh my...I just love all the vintage lace and trims!! I know you will have fun creating with all those goodies.

  20. You must certainly feel the jealousy seeping into your blog! Wonderful earring display, too. I will be passing this onto my friend to show her the earring shells. Enjoy!

  21. Oh man that is what every junker lays awake at night dreaming about.....An aunt who shared a love of lace...She would be so pleased that it ended up with someone that soooo appreciated it! Cripes, I would have had a heart attack! congrats on getting published AGAIN!!!! And AGAIN!!!


  22. Oh WOW Betsy! Such beautiful lace and trims!! I am pea green!!!!!

    Whew today was a hot one!!!


  23. What a treasure trove of wonderful, Betsy! Pure eye candy! And a BIG congratulations for the feature!

  24. OMG Betsy, I'm drooling over the lace for sure. You chose the right man with the perfect aunt, LOL.
    Congratulations on having your beautiful earrings published. Attatching them to a shell was a great idea.

  25. Just beautiful!!! Lucky gal!!!

    Congrats on your magazine feature. They are lovely!!


  26. Oh my gosh, you lucky girl!! That lace is just amazing plus buttons. WOW!
    Congratulations on the magazine, too. Your earrings are beautiful.

  27. Betsy, you hit the beautiful lace motherlode!
    I wonder how many people cut the lace, etc. off of garments before they're tossed? Seems obvious but I'm not sure it has always occurred to me to do so.
    Attaching the earrings to shells was genius.

  28. Did you have to be picked up off the floor:):)~awesome!!!!!!Love the tatting, I have some pieces and adore them. The rhinestone buttons are fabulous~lucky You!!!!

  29. To say I am jealous would be a huge understatement! I love vintage lace and love to sew and craft with it! You lucky lady! It is all beautiful!

  30. Your talents will shine as you utilized these treasures. Congratulation on being featured in the magazine!

  31. Wow! Congrats on your magazine spread - so very cool Betsy!

    And that lace? Awesome!! What a great haul - they are in great hands. I just know you are going to make incredible pieces with it!

  32. My sister came to visit about a year ago and somehow we ended up in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, library. Oh, yes, I remember, I wanted her to see the incredible view from the reading chairs and couches. I picked up Jewelry Affaire Magazine and showed it to her because she is a jewelry maker, also. She loved the magazine and we spend a couple of hours going through every back issue that was out. It was such a delightful afternoon and it is because of creativity like yours that she and I had so much fun that day. I want those earrings bad!

  33. Are you kidding me with all that gorgeous lace!!???!! Holy Toledo. That is quite an enviable haul. The tatting! The buttons! All of it.

    So neat that you got published again.. and I agree with everyone that those shells used for displaying is a brilliant idea! Beachy indeed.

  34. OMG Betsey - that would have sent me over the moon! I get so excited when people find lace trim and bring it to me because they know I love it and use it all of the time. They have no idea how precious that kind of stuff is to me.

    Happy 4th.


  35. I can't wait to see what you do with all that beautiful lace, Betsy! Congratulations on your magazine feature!

  36. What an amazing haul! And congratulations on being included in Jewelry Affaire Magazine, how fun for you! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty


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