Monday, June 30, 2014

Boxes and Bags of Vintage Lace

Look what Mr. MST brought home for me.  Well, before you give him too much credit, I have to say that he was just the delivery man.  He wouldn't dare drop two huge garbage bags in the middle of the kitchen floor unless he was certain I'd be happy about it, and I was!  He spent the day with his sister and she sent him home with two huge garbage bags full of vintage lace, trim, buttons, and fabric that had belonged to their aunt.  I posted about the other vintage lace she gave me and the Christmas tree I made with some of it here. I ended up giving her the tree for Christmas, now she wants me to make another one for her daughter in return for all of this lace.  Heck, I'll make one for both daughters.  I think I got the good end of this deal!!

The lid to this box was marked Pink Silks.

Even the envelope buried in the fabric is pink.

I couldn't believe what I was pulling out of those bags.  Yards and yards of gorgeous trim and dozens of large and small applique pieces.

I love the details on this ornate piece. 

One of the boxes was stuffed full of lace that had been wrapped around cards.

Looks like just about any kind of card would do.  Toot Toot, greeting cards, invitations, and cut up cereal boxes.

This is about half of the loose and tangled lace I attempted to sort through.  I had no idea how time consuming this was going to be, so the rest will just have to wait.

These pieces were also neatly wrapped in a separate box.

Bits and pieces of colored trim and doilies too.

It looks like most of these larger pieces were salvaged from old clothes and lingerie.  A few pieces of homemade doll clothes were found in a brown paper bag.  I didn't photograph all the fabric, packages of zippers, seam binding, thread, rick rack, and ribbon.  

A broken pearl necklace, little heart charms, and a strange devilish ceramic figurine with horns were wrapped up in this homemade paper towel pattern.

Last but not least was a baggie full of vintage rhinestone button candy.

Oh, one more thing.  This has nothing to do with a bag full of lace, but.....I just wanted to share a page from the latest Summer edition of Jewelry Affaire Magazine.  I'm honored to have my mother of pearl button earrings featured in the Among Nature section.  The light blue background they were photographed on (looks better in the magazine) gives them a beachy summer feel.  I submitted them attached to the shells and was so happy to see they used them in the photo.  

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