Friday, July 11, 2014

A Happy Accident

A few months ago I bought a chippy old doll cradle at an antique show and knew right away I wanted to use it as a planter.  I must say that it looked pretty cute with a couple of plants in it, and I was sure someone would be taking it home.

treasures from the antique show
Here it is at the Vintage in the Vines show last month.  Unfortunately, it ended up coming home with me, but not in one piece.

how to repurpose a broken doll cradle
With overloaded arms, I lost my grip on it while I was carrying it back to my truck at the end of the day.  Oops!  I was too tired to care, so I threw it in the back thinking it was destined for the garbage can.  Silly me, I should have know better.  After a few smacks with a rubber mallet, I ended up with four salvaged pieces.  

how to salvage a broken doll cradle.
I screwed three cup hooks to one end of the cradle for hanging sweet baby things.  I really didn't want to paint over the decal, so I just stuck with the baby theme.

crackled decal from the end of an old doll cradle.
Look at this adorable decal all crackled to perfection.  

Next up.....
rustic cottage and flea market signs
The 20" x 6" sides became signs.   

Rustic cottage sign made from the side of a broken doll cradle.
A perfect size...not too big, not too small.

Flea Market sign made from the side of a broken doll cradle.
I really like their original chippy charm.

The obvious choice for the other end of the cradle...
How to repurpose the end of a broken doll cradle.
  A fish of course.  What else?  

repurpose a vintage camera lens
I dug through my bag of old camera parts and found the perfect fish eye.

Repurposed vintage doll cradle
The mouth is part of a tarnished brass drawer handle.

repurposed doll cradle with vintage bits and pieces
The fins are made with pieces of an old camera flash attachment.

Repurposed doll cradle made into a whimsical fish.
Do fish smile?

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