Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Latest Junkin' Finds

I'm over a week behind with sharing pictures of my new old junk, so let's catch up on what I found at two yard sales last Friday and one "75 years of accumulation" sale on Tuesday.  That's right, a Tuesday sale!!

Lots of rusty and chippy metal treasures.

I think some tall dried flowers would soften up the large rusty Borden's can.

This old thing is heavy!  The ceramic liner is cracked, but it will still make a mighty fine planter or storage container.

Wow, someone was really trying to stay organized.  Do you think I should start filling out a Weekly Activity Summary?

The pink metal shelf is one of my favorite finds.

I won't pass up a good deal on a manual typewriter; it needs a new ribbon, but that shouldn't be hard to find. I had to toss the case because it was cracked and too filthy on the outside to even bother with.

Does anyone remember these Avon mugs?  They originally came with a lid and held bath oil or bubble bath.  The sweet salt and pepper shakers say "From Ida Mae and Clifton 1964" on the bottom.

Silver candle sticks are always on my list, and the hobnail milk glass dish had to tag along.

More galvanized buckets, watering cans, and some rusty sconces.  It was quite a chore cleaning everything, but the good news is that I don't have to spend time repairing or repurposing any of it!!  I'll bring what I can to the Paris Flea Market opening later this week, and the rest will have to wait until my next show.

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