Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Repurposed Concrete Tools

Even though these well-used wooden concrete tools were in less than touchable condition, I still had to bring them home with me when I spotted them at a yard sale.  I thought there might be some potential under all the dust, dirt, and crusty concrete, so in my car they went after wrapping them up in a big plastic bag.

It's hard to pass up a potential sign, picture holder, or business card holder even when they're in really rough condition.

Bad, really bad.  A good cleaning and scraping was no match for all the ugly, so I decided to paint right over them.
Much better.  The two chippy hardware pieces holding the mystery couple was salvaged from an old window screen.

Instead of welcoming your friends or family, how about using it as a business card holder in a vintage store or booth?

I love playing with bits and pieces of old junk.

These two aren't my first cement tool transformations and they won't be my last.

A few of my other repurposed junky cement tool projects.

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